Online Shoppers’ Average Spend Increases to 80%

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There’s no question about it; UK folks love to shop.

Over the past three months, though, something triggered them to spend more money than usual online.

According to a new study that was commissioned by Royal Mail, the total spend of online shoppers increased to 80% from 74%, with £40 spent every month on clothes.

There are more women (55%) than men (33%) buying clothes online, particularly on popular marketplaces like Amazon (32%) and eBay (22%), as well as M&S (11%) and Next (11%).

Royal Mail lists tops (26%), T-shirts (24%) and trainers (21%) as the top-selling products.

Out of 1,500 UK online shoppers who were surveyed for the study, 54% said there are more choices on the Internet, 53% said it’s the ease of price comparison, while 49% point to convenience as their primary reason for shopping online instead of in-store.  

Online retailers face up to the biggest challenge

Cost and speed of delivery should constantly be on an online retailer’s radar now that more consumers are shifting to eCommerce. Here’s the explanation of Nick Landon, managing director at Royal Mail:  

“Despite consumers tightening their purse strings, online shopping continues to grow. How you deliver is as important as what you sell and a quarter of shoppers are now paying an upfront fee for unlimited delivery. Businesses of all sizes need to make sure they respond to this demand or risk being left behind. By selecting high-quality services from Royal Mail, online sellers can ensure they set themselves up for success.”

Royal Mail’s report revealed that a quarter of online shoppers pay for delivery subscriptions to enjoy unlimited next-day delivery on all orders within a prepaid period. In fact, 76% of their survey respondents said they have a subscription with Amazon.    

eCommerce stores are finally holding the reins, so tighten your grip on the current situation by ensuring your customers of the best delivery service.    

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