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Online Delivery Growth Reaches Highest Point in Five Years

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January validates the value consumers get from online shops; it saw delivery volumes for eCommerce orders reach their highest since 2013.

Deliveries of online parcels increased to 20.6% compared to the same period in the previous year,  according to IMRG MetaPack UK Delivery Index.

Their data showed that the amount of parcels arriving on time increased to 90% in the month of January from 85% in December 2017. Still, it remains lower than 93% which was recorded in January 2017.

Low in-store sales, which may have been due to the heavy rainfall, says IMRG, translated into massive gains for online stores.

Andrew Starkey, head of e-logistics at IMRG, has this to say:

“Online sales revenue growth was also strong in January, up 13.9%, so it was a strong start to the year for the online retail overall in spite of the ongoing economic uncertainty. It was a very wet month for most of the UK, which can deter people from visiting their local high street, but it’s possible that post-peak returns may have had some influence on volume too. Given the record volume of Christmas orders – and the extended returns period that many retailers offer – it is likely that the volume of returns would also be high. Many of these would have found their way back into online channels for resale as part of the New Year sales.”

The report only goes to show that online sellers have got off on the right foot this year and the eCommerce market remains buoyant, says Maria Dahlqvist Canton, global marketing director at MetaPack.

Considering that January is a slow month for eCommerce companies, it’s refreshing to hear encouraging reports like this.

How did you take advantage of the wet weather? We hope to hear from you in the comments down below.

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