A couple of weeks ago Matt was a guest on a webinar titled “Latest Innovations for Marketplace Sellers” and Matt was given 5 minutes to talk about a particular subject.

The subject of his choice was “One Simple Rule To Sell More Online”  If you missed the webinar you can see the recording here.

Immediately after finishing the webinar, Matt said to me.

” That wasn’t good enough, we can do better than that “

So we did and that evening we began work on the one simple rule to help you sell more online “Cheat Sheet“.

The eBook

Sell More onlineWe are stoked to announce the launch of our first UnderstandingE eBook which is available to you now for free.

As you have probably guessed it takes what Matt spoke about in the Feedvisor Webinar to a whole new level and then a bit further still (ok a lot further).

There is plenty of junk on the internet which tell you why you should do things, but very few focus on the how. This is exactly what the “One Simple Rule To Sell More Online” is all about.

The how and the why with actionable steps you can take in your business, as well as tips from industry experts.

In the eBook you’ll learn how you can:

  • Be your customer
  • Be everywhere your customers are
  • Look for negativity in your listings and what to do about it
  • Get some fantastic feedback using printouts

Also with a handy bonus section at the end for those that want to get the best possible insight in to what your customers see.

This is nothing like anything you’ll find on the Internet, we wanted to give you something amazing, something that you could pick and action immediately and ultimately be proud to put our names against.

How To Get Hold of Your Copy

We had one core goal for this eBook, and that was to give you clear actionable steps that you could take with your business that would help you sell more online.

As we mentioned above this 30+ page eBook is available for free.  Enter your name and email in the boxes below and you’ll be able to get started instantly.

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PS. There are actually 6 steps, with the bonus step you’ll really see what your business looks like to your customers.

What The Experts Are Saying

“This isn’t the usual stuff you can read anywhere.”

Jane BelleBay ConsultanteAuction Anorak

“Finally, an easy to implement litmus test which fosters a new perspective and reframes your online business strategies.”

Scott GalvaoIntercultural ElementsIntercultural Elements

“Busy sellers can get completely wrapped up in the mechanics of their business, and forget to look at themselves from a buyer’s point of view. UnderstandingE’s fantastic guide helps online retailers break away from introspective thinking, with five really simple and practical steps that help sellers think like buyers.”

Andy GeldmanWebretailerWebretailer

“Finally, a comprehensive guide in plain English that teaches sellers the basics of online selling! Whether you’re a new or experienced online seller, this guide will teach you all the basics so you can have the foundation for a successful online business. If your struggling with your online business, then maybe it’s time to go ‘back to the basics’.”

Carlo Silva2nd Office2nd Office

“One of the hardest things for any online seller to do is to stop thinking like an online seller! It’s the customers that are making your sales at the end of the day, and learning to think like one is crucial for any online business.”

Shmuli GoldbergFeedvisorFeedvisor

“Matt & Dave make what can sometimes be a challenging world of eCommerce so much simpler, with systematic and realistic approaches to good business.”

Abbas TharkardZine-HubdZine-Hub

“The customer-eye-view taken by Matt & Dave in this guide is something everyone in eCommerce needs to learn. Great customer experience and retention = repeat purchases, increased order value and…Profitability!.”

Oliver RhodesPeoplevoxPeoplevox

“Excellent guide for start up on-line sellers! This guide will help you to build strong foundation for your eCommerce venture.”

Prabhat ShahDaytoDayeBayDaytodayebay

“This is very comprehensive and a grass roots approach; if followed to the letter, in my professional opinion it will affect your bottom line.”


“The helping hand that any aspiring e-tailer needs to be successful”

Anthony TrollopeFounder - The Wholesale ForumsThe Wholesale Forums

Your Feedback

You’ll see in the eBook & from above that we have already had some amazing feedback from several industry experts who we asked to proof read some of our draft copies of our cheat sheet.

However we would love to hear YOUR feedback.

We want to know what you think of our cheat sheet, especially anything you don’t like or think could be better. The books contents are not set in stone and we can update it accordingly.

As always you can either leave us some comments below or a message in the forums.


Dave & Matt

Enter your details to download immediately:

We respect your privacy

PS. There are actually 6 steps, with the bonus step you’ll really see what your business looks like to your customers.