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Online shopping is not a mere option for many people, but rather a crucial part of their day-to-day lives because of the convenience it offers.

Almost everything can be bought on the Internet; besides consumer goods, there is a growing demand for biological specimens too.

The most challenging part of a research project which aims to develop a cure for a life-threatening illness like cancer is the procurement of specimen samples.

Scientists and research institutions would exhaust their resources and time, but sometimes getting their hands on high-quality biospecimens is just too difficult.

With the advent of iSpecimen Marketplace, a new online platform where researchers and biospecimen suppliers meet, those tough times are over.

Easy access to over a million specimens

iSpecimen offers more than a million biospecimens from a large network of healthcare organisations, including hospitals, pathology laboratories, clinics, biorepositories, and blood banks, among others.

Solid tissues, viable cells, and biofluids are just among the numerous specimen samples that researchers can obtain from the said marketplace.

Each biospecimen varies in type, characteristic. and format. If a buyer or researcher couldn’t find what they need, all they have to do is fill out a request form, clearly stating their requirements, and iSpecimen will have it ready in no time.

The road to medical breakthroughs

iSpecimen does more than just provide data-rich biospecimens on its marketplace. It allows health organisations to connect and collaborate with scientists in the development of medical treatments.

Let’s say a hospital has a biospecimen that may potentially lead to the cure of cirrhosis. Through the iSpecimen Marketplace it can contract with qualified scientists to test and conduct extensive research on it.

“New diagnostics and treatments will only be as precise as the research work behind it. Our job is to close the gap between the research and provider communities by matching highly refined specimen requests to organizations that can fulfill them. We’re like a Kayak.com for biospecimen research, making sure these critical connections are made,” said Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of iSpecimen

If you’re involved in medical research, or perhaps affiliated with a healthcare organisation that legitimately collects biospecimens, then there’s a marketplace that’s aligned with your cause.

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