UnderstandingE Reaches 1000 Forum Posts

An Amazing Milestone for UnderstandingE


This morning when replying to a message relating to the latest series of guides, I inadvertently spotted something rather cool.

I don’t think we could have even planned it to be this way and I only just noticed by pure fluke. We’ve just reached 1,000 forum posts!

The 1,000th Post

The 1,000th post was Matt being Matt and congratulating one of the UnderstandingE members on not having any problems with their Magmi Installation.

Here is the reply:

Howdy Calum,

I have a special word for that.



Magmi What?

If you’ve never heard of Magmi before, Magmi is the “Swiss Army Knife” of import tools for Magento.

Magmi Installer ScriptIt allows you to import new or update existing products into Magento quickly and gets past all the awkward and frankly lacking Magento Dataflow. However Magmi was build by a developer for developers and that failed badly when it comes to the 3rd Generation of multichannel eCommerce

To use Magmi before the UnderstandingE installer & theme update meant that you need to whip your Nerd hat on and understand what the hell to do with it. I know from my own experience over the past few years that Magmi is amazing, but it’s not very well documented. There is a lack of examples, very few guides and for a new person to using Magmi it’s plain scary.

“A degree in Nerd” is something we’re doing our best for you to avoid and now with over 300 downloads and a few minor teething problems, Magmi is now user friendly!

I’m not going to say anything more about Magmi now, there is a whole set of guides on “Importing & Exporting products into Magento” and you can watch these in your UnderstandingE account for free right now if you would like to know more.

UnderstandingE is Growing FAST

In the next few weeks both myself Matt & Dave are looking forward to following up this milestone with you and announcing that we’ve hit 10,000 forum posts.

Note: If you’ve not heard about Matt’s goal setting abilities, listen into this Podcast on how we went from a target 100 people to 1,000 in a matter of minutes (at around 32 mins in if you don’t want to listen to us letting our hair down prior to the launch of UE).

This has is not happened yet and just like you, we’ve got to hustle, hustle just like you do everyday in your business, hustle like caffeine obsessed mad-men and deliver amazing value over and over. It’s not easy, neither is running a business like yours, but if it was really that easy, why would be bother?

Take the Stage & Bow

Without you, we’d not have got past 10 posts.

And for that, thank you.

Matt & Dave

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  1. Calum Roberts
    Calum Roberts says:

    Woohoo, well done

    And i do have to say that the Magmi tool is an excellent piece of software. Im now finding that adding products up into the website is faster and somewhat less of a laborious chore than before. Still need to tweek the template a bit to add in some more information such as meta info, but im glad you guys put the interface together and made it much more accessible to everyone.

    Now we can get our products into the website faster and update quantities much more efficiently and quickly.

    Give yourselves a great big virtual pat on the back, then get back to the grind stone, listing template next guys :thumbs up:


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