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Mastermind 2018 Schedule

Tuesday 16th October – 3pm – The Largest eBay Accounts In The World & What They Sell

Tuesday 23rd October – 3pm – Why Should You Even Bother Selling On The Marketplaces?

Tuesday 30th October – 3pm – Preparing Your Business For Black Friday 2018

Tuesday 6th November – 3pm – Upcoming Software Developments

Tuesday 13th November – 3pm – eCommerce Predictions For 2019

Tuesday 20th November – 3pm – Don’t forget Boxing Day or January!

Tuesday 27th November – 3pm – Finding New Product Ideas For The New Year – Product Research

You can catch up with past webinars from 2018 here.

Previous Mastermind Recordings

At the last count, there are over 50 Mastermind webinars that have been recorded and published here. As a Premium UnderstandingE member these can access as part of your Premium account subscription .

Recording: Keep an eye on the obvious (Premium)

In this webinar we discuss what are the key areas of your business you can’t afford to neglect on the run up to the busiest sales period of the year.

Recording: Replacing Yourself (Premium)

In this webinar recording we talk about replacing yourself in your business. It’s easy to get stuck working in your business rather than on it, we look at getting out of that situation.

Recording: Priorities – Open Discussion (Premium)

In this recording we share with you some of the really cool ideas that we have had since coming back from our trip and we want your help in us prioritising them for 2016

Recording: Facebook Marketing – Part 3 (Premium)

In this final part of the Facebook Marketing series we take a look at the Facebook tracking pixel and how you can add this to your Magento site and why you would want to.

Recording: Facebook Marketing – Part 2 (Premium)

In this webinar we show you how to utilise Facebook ads to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, increasing social recognition.

Recording: Facebook Marketing – Part 1 (Premium)

In this webinar recording we get stuck in to our 3 part series on Facebook Marketing. To start with we show you how to set up a Facebook page and crucially why you’d want to.