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Mastermind 2018 Schedule

Tuesday 16th October – 3pm – The Largest eBay Accounts In The World & What They Sell

Tuesday 23rd October – 3pm – Why Should You Even Bother Selling On The Marketplaces?

Tuesday 30th October – 3pm – Preparing Your Business For Black Friday 2018

Tuesday 6th November – 3pm – Upcoming Software Developments

Tuesday 13th November – 3pm – eCommerce Predictions For 2019

Tuesday 20th November – 3pm – Don’t forget Boxing Day or January!

Tuesday 27th November – 3pm – Finding New Product Ideas For The New Year – Product Research

You can catch up with past webinars from 2018 here.

Previous Mastermind Recordings

At the last count, there are over 50 Mastermind webinars that have been recorded and published here. As a Premium UnderstandingE member these can access as part of your Premium account subscription .

Recording: 40 Examples of why you can succeed in 2016 (Premium)

In the last webinar of 2015, Matt shares with us a unique insight in to why you can be successful in 2016. In a unique twist he will point out what you and every other successful business person has in common and what you can do to maximise your potential.

UnderstandingE Mastermind Schedule 2016

We are excited to announce not just the updated webinar software we will be using for our webinars from now on, but also our webinar schedule up to April including all of your suggestions on topics you wanted us to cover.

Recording: The things you shouldn’t forget (Premium)

In this webinar, Matt and Richard take you through some of their top tips and considerations of things to not forget about over the Christmas period to ensure your business is as effective as possible.

Recording: Website Workshop (Premium)

In this webinar we take a look at Mike and Liz’s website and host our very first website workshop. With fresh eyes we do an onsite critique to look at ways we can improve a website and some tips for web usability to enhance conversions.

Recording: Why You Want a Website (Premium)

In this webinar we discuss why you really want an ecommerce website for your business and the dangers of putting all your eggs in the marketplaces basket.

Recording: How did you do? (Premium)

In this webinar we keep it short as it is the day after Cyber Monday and the first webinar after the Black Friday weekend, so we knew there would be lots of despatching to be done, but we wanted to hear just how busy some of our members had been.