Mastermind Webinar Schedule – Part 3

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It’s that time again where we get to share with you the upcoming schedule for our weekly Mastermind Webinars.

This new schedule will take us from the 6th September up to the 1st November.

If you aren’t already registered to our Mastermind webinars you can join now by hitting the button below.

The Schedule

In our last webinar we talked about the key to marketing and how that was knowing what the customer wants.  We then used this to compile this list of mastermind topics for the next few weeks.

With a distinct marketing theme with a lot of interest in video the following is what we will be covering over the next 2 months.

DateWebinar Title
6th September 2016A look at repricing software
13th September 2016The Technical side of Marketing (Tracking codes etc)
20th September 2016How to setup an email signup page
27th September 2016Email marketing – Segmentation
4th October 2016Getting started with video content
11th October 2016Different types of video content
18th October 2016Video presenting tips
25th October 2016How to edit your videos
1st November 2016The 12 days of Xmas marketing plan

You will hopefully agree that we have some fantastic webinars coming up and we are looking forward to getting started with the first one on Tuesday the 6th September.

So with that said, don’t forget to click the register button below to reserve your space if you are new to our webinars and aren’t already registered and we will see you at the same time of 3:00pm GMT

See you there,

Dave & Matt

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