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UnderstandingE Mastermind Schedule – Part 2

Howdy ,

It’s that time again to share with you the upcoming Mastermind schedule for the next few weeks for the UnderstandingE weekly webinars.

The below time table takes us from the 10th May all the way up to 19th July.

So if you would like to reserve your seat to our weekly Mastermind webinars you can do so using the button below:

The Schedule

We are always keen to hear your mastermind topic suggestions and likewise we do our best to incorporate them when we can in our schedule.

If anything comes to mind what you would like to see covered then you can either shoot us an email or leave us a comment in the comments section below.

So the schedule including Mastermind title and date can be found in the table below:

DateWebinar Title
10th May 2016A second look at Magento 2
17th May 2016An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing & Affiliates
24th May 2016An Introduction to Jungle Scout with Greg
31st May 2016UnderstandingE Website workshop
7th June 2016A first hand look at A/B testing
14th June 2016Setting up M2E Pro for Global Shipping Programme
21st June 2016Product Research with Matt & Dave
28th June 2016Revisiting Facebook Comments on Website Product Pages
5th July 2016How to promote your eBay listings
12th July 2016How to customise the PayPal cart with your own logo
19th July 2016Upcoming changes to UnderstandingE

Hopefully you will agree we have some fantastic webinars coming up and we are looking forward to getting started with the first one this afternoon.

So with that said, don’t forget to click the register button below to reserve your space if you are new to our webinars and aren’t already registered and we will see you at the same time of 3:00pm GMT

See you there,

Dave & Matt

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