UnderstandingE Mastermind Schedule 2016


We have some exciting news to share with you about our weekly Mastermind webinars.

Firstly we have upgraded our webinar software to WebinarJam.  We have been threatening to leave the old software for a while now, and we are excited to be using WebinarJam going forward.

So if you would like to reserve your seat to our weekly Mastermind webinars you can do so using the button below:

Please note if you were previously signed up using GoTo Webinar then you will have to re-register using the new link above.

The Schedule

In last weeks webinar we asked for your suggestions of topics that you would like to see us cover in the upcoming masterminds.

Your suggestions were fantastically helpful and with these suggestions we have now been able to put together a schedule to let you know exactly what we will be covering over the next few weeks and months.

So the schedule including Mastermind title and date can be found in the table below:

DateWebinar Title
2nd Feb 2016Creating a staff knowledge base
9th Feb 2016Sourcing new products with Matt & Dave
16th Feb 2016Using Data pump for Magmi and Magento
23rd Feb 2016Website workshop with Matt & Dave
1st March 2016Top tips for managing your staff
8th March 2016How to appear bigger than you are
15th March 2016Creating a different store view for a new language
22nd March 2016Top tips for managing your time
29th March 2016Facebook Tracking Code – The Follow Up
5th April 2016Sourcing new products with Matt & Dave
12th April 2016Sales Analysis in Magento with Jim from Moogento
19th April 2016Website workshop with Matt & Dave
26th April 2016Show & Tell – Your favourite extensions
3rd May 2016Introducing Courier Rules with Jim from Moogento

Hopefully you will agree we have some fantastic webinars coming up and we are looking forward to getting started with the first one tomorrow.

So with that said, don’t forget to click the register button below to reserve your space and we will see you tomorrow at the same time of 3:00pm GMT

Matt & Dave

7 replies
  1. Paul Cartwright
    Paul Cartwright says:

    Do you think it will be possible to squeeze ‘getting the facebook comments to work on product pages in somewhere’ please. The current code hasn’t been working for a while as I believe you need to make a facebook app now and then facebook comments will then appear on the actual FB page as well.
    I think it will fit nicely with the facebook tracking code ;-)
    That would be awesome

  2. matjaz
    matjaz says:

    Great program . Just please make recordings available on some solid host (not multi-choped in xy files as before) for us to review later. Even if we are live , there are always some situations when you would like to review back to see some facts again.

      • matjaz
        matjaz says:

        when i try do dl one of last webinars ( i forgot which one) it was hosted on some strange host (?), that as i seems sends playlist of smaller files to client (browser) so i was not able to dl webinar without manual join them ;)

        • Dave Furness
          Dave Furness says:

          We don’t have them available to download, only stream on the site, and they are hosted on a video hosting site but shouldn’t add to a playlist or anything. I’m sorry I can’t replicate what you are explaining.


          • matjaz
            matjaz says:

            Streaming only is problem (for general user) – at least you shuld add sound only as download option (if you wish to cach more users).
            I can listen all materials as long as i can download and lisen over the phone , when i am on road.
            Regard problematic one that you can reproduce: will try to find problematic one and attach screenshot.

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