Recording: Mastermind recordings from 15th March to 5th April (Premium)


As you will hopefully be aware we now use new software for our webinars which means our replays are now hosted in a slightly different way.

So below you can see the summary of the past 4 weeks worth of Mastermind webinars hosted by myself and Matt and if you are a Premium member you can access the replay links and re watch the recorded webinars.

Magento Translations – 15th March


I will apologise now as I was very ill for this webinar and there is an awful lot of sniffing and coughing going on, but thankfully Matt is in better form and leads the way as we look at Magento Translations.

Magento Translations

Before we show you how to set up a new storeview in Magento specifically for a different language we cover with you firstly what is possible with translations in Magento.

We then look at what is and isn’t possible when it comes to translations in Magento.  Finally Matt shares with us the good news that most of the translations have already been done and can be utilised with extensions.

Then that is what we go and show you live in our system, how easy it is to do.

If you are a Premium member you can find the replay link below:


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Matt & Dave.

Tips for managing your time – 22nd March


In this webinar myself and Matt share our tips and experiences for how we have learnt to manage our time with UnderstandingE.

Sharing some of the mistakes we have made in the past and what we now do in our business to maximise our time efficiency.

We have said many times before that time is a constant.  Everybody has the same amount of time, the only difference is how they use it.

The key areas we discuss

  1. The different tools we use
  2. The importance of great staff
  3. Taking a break (From the office)

So if you missed it live you can watch it now using the link below:

Facebook Tracking Pixel – Follow Up – 29th March


Back in November we ran a mini series on Facebook marketing and in Part 3 of that mini series we covered with you setting up the Facebook Tracking Pixel.

This was just before Christmas and we told you to leave it there and start collecting data so that in the future you could come back and re-market past visitors.

If you missed the original webinar you can view it here:

So in this webinar we show you how you can now re-market those Facebook users who have previously visited your page or website and try to drive more sales from people who are familiar with your store.

To follow us along in the webinar click the link below:

Product Research – 5th April


It’s that time again for one of our favourite webinar types where we take the audiences product suggestions, and then go and look for opportunities to exploit in that product range.

In previous webinars of this type we have looked at gold tea lights, foam floor mats and dog coats.

Now in this webinar we were a little more organised and actually created a checklist that you can follow when doing your own product research.

Opportunity Checklist

We are looking for opportunities that are available that the current sellers:

  1. Have overlooked
  2. Are too busy to fill
  3. Or just don’t understand how to leverage

Also crucially we assume you are willing to play the long game to enter a new market. You’ll find quick wins during this webinar, however all changes take time to take effect.

Product type first impressions:

  1. Are there numerous sellers already selling these products?
    1. Is there an existing market for these products? And crucially has someone else warmed the marketplace up for us?
    2. What does Google Trends tell us? Are we in an up curve?
  2. How does it compare to Amazon?
  3. What is the price point like? Are we dealing with a casual purchase or a considered purchase?
  4. What does Terapeak tell us?

The key areas we’ll be looking for together are:

  1. Under utilised product titles
    1. Are all 80 chars being used?
    2. Are keywords not being wasted wasted eg BNIB NEW
    3. Do the keywords reflect the product?
  2. Multi variation listings
    1. Can they be used? Are they being leveraged?
    2. Are there naturally occurring variations?
    3. Can variations be forced to include a larger product range into a single listing? (Max 3 variations)
  3. Shipping
    1. Is fast & free being offered?
    2. Can the shipping be upgraded for a sensible cost?
    3. Are there any promotions running on the products?
  4. Under utilised Item Specifics (Very Common)
    1. Including not using the standard left hand side filter options
  5. Image quality & quantity
    1. Poor picture quality
    2. Number of images (>6)
    3. Do the images change with the variants?
  6. Is the listing well laid out?
    1. Does the colour scheme match the business and the products?
    2. Does the listing follow a logical order?
    3. Product image
    4. Bullet points
    5. Main description
    6. Shipping / Payment /Returns info readily available?
    7. Are there Upsell / Cross sell / related items opportunites
    8. Are they using a mobile responsive template? ie WidgetChimp
  7. Product Descriptions
    1. Are they using bullet points to stress the top 5 key benefits (not features)
    2. Is the product’s description well written?
    3. Is video being used?
  8. Seller’s Feedback
  9. How many have they sold / Do they have in stock
  10. Where is the product coming from
    1. How quickly can a customer have it
    2. Shipping charges  (Fast & Free etc)

So we have given you the check list above now check out the webinar replay below:


As always at the end of our Mastermind webinars we open the discussion up to questions where you are able to get immediate answers as well as find out about the latest news in ecommerce and regarding UnderstandingE

Which is why if you can make it, it’s always best joining us live on Tuesday at 3:00pm GMT.  You can reserve your seat by clicking the button below:

If you have any questions about what we cover in the recording, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments box below.

Happy watching,

Dave & Matt

Founders of UnderstandingE


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