5 Tips for UnderstandingE

5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of UnderstandingE

Howdy ,

So you’ve been with us a while now, probably completed a couple of tutorials and wondering what next?

This article will help you make the most of your stay here with us and you’ll learn a little more about how we work too.

#1 – Have a Question?

Here at UnderstandingE we have a simple ethos, which is…

“There is no such thing as a daft question if you don’t know the answer”

Have a Question?And because of this you can get in contact with us in one of two ways:

Question About a Tutorial?

Under every video tutorial there is a “Ask a Question” button.

This is the perfect place for you to ask any questions or queries you have about the tutorial you just watched.

Tip: Check the existing questions & replies that have been made to each of the tutorials, there are over 1.000 comments that have been left across all the tutorials so far. 

A General Question?

The community forums are open 24/7 for any additional questions you have or maybe to let your hair down in the UE Cafe.

Tip: Everyone started from zero ( including Matt & Dave ) and many of the fellow members of UnderstandingE are business owners like yourself that use eBay & Amazon to sell and also use Magento too. If you have a question, just ask.

#2 – Video Courses

Getting Started with Magento Video CourseThis might sound like a daft one, however we have numerous video training courses available.

We work to a Crawl > Walk > Run process which means you can easily pick up the most complex subjects.

And we really enjoy the comments from fellow members like yourself saying how easy they have found the the video tutorials.

You can find a complete list of the available video courses here: https://understandinge.com/magento-tutorials/ and remember, if you get stuck, use the “Ask a Question” button at the bottom of every tutorial and the forums are always open.

#3 – Subscribe to the UnderstandingE Blog Updates

There are over 100 blog posts covering topics such as eBay, Magento & M2EPro updates, topical news and in-depth articles that accompany the video courses.

Rather than checking on the site each day for the latest blog posts, you can subscribe to email updates to be delivered straight to your inbox the morning after they’ve been published.

This is an opt-in service and you can subscribe to the email notifications using the right of every blog post or you can use the form below:

Blog Post Updates by Email

Tip:  If you’ve not read the blog or visited it lately, take a few moments to have a look through them here https://understandinge.com/blog/ and to tempt you, I have put four of the latest blog posts below for you

Why Donate Unsold Inventory to Charity Shops?
Learn New Strategies and Acquire New Tools for Success in IRC 2019
Does Your Business Exist to Consumers
eBay Urge UK SMEs to Have a Voice in Future Trade Deals

#4 – Join in the Live Events Held Each Week

Happy Hour RecordingsEach week we hold a live event with business owners just like you .

This is your chance to meet up with Matt & Dave live and ask any questions you may have, plus to meet with the rest of the UnderstandingE community.

Recent topics have included:

These are held live every Tuesday at 8:30 PM BST, if you in Western US thats 12:30 PM PDT, Eastern US 3:30 PM PDT and at 05:30AM EST in Canberra, Australia.

If we have a course or a section of a course being published that week, you’ll find out much sooner than anyone else too.

Registration is free and you can use the button below to join in.

#5 – Premium

premium_250And we shouldn’t overlook the Premium side to UnderstandingE either.

Being a premium member will give you access to the extra video tutorials that go the extra mile.

This could be deeper in to variations, how to set up Magento from scratch or the course where we show you how to build a Responsive Magento website on a  budget of just $99. Plus exclusive access to the forums and the other perks that come with Premium too.

If you’ve enjoyed the free video tutorials, just imagine what we have in store for you in the others.

And just like you, we need happy customers and premium comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

And Finally…

Magento and M2E Pro Video Tutorials for eBay and AmazonTo recap, “There is no such thing as a daft question if you don’t know the answer”.

Every tutorial has a “Ask a Question” button below and the forums are always open. If you have a question or are thinking it, ask. We all started from zero too and would be glad to help you out. Also if you’re thinking it, someone else is too, help them out by asking the question!

There are numerous video courses available and we’ll take you from no prior knowledge to the complex topics quickly as we can following a Crawl > Walk > Run approach and you can track your progress in your “My Account” section.

Our blog can be very active during the week, rather than checking-in manually, you can have the updates emailed to you, read the update on the move and come back to the main site if you’d like to ask any questions or read in more depth ( or ask a question or leave a comment as there is a common form on the bottom of each blog post too ).

While completely optional, Premium is available if you’d like to go the extra steps to help yourself learn more that what’s covered in free tutorials.

And finally, don’t miss out on the HappyHours, the weekly meetups that are held every Tuesday. They’re always lively and most enjoyable!

Matt & Dave
Co-Founders of UnderstandingE

Image sources: here & here
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  1. lisa5408
    lisa5408 says:

    Very helpful webpage into the world of magento. The videos are very helpful and find myself going back through at time to refresh my memory…Thanks


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