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Magento To Bring Direct Amazon Integration To Users

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We have breaking news coming in from the Magento headquarters that will surely excite all of you who are selling, or thinking of selling, on Amazon through the most popular eCommerce platform.

Magento announced today their integration with Amazon, which will enable you to manage your listings, inventory, pricing, and orders, as well as access advanced tools to gain insight into your competitor’s pricing strategy on the retail giant’s marketplace straight from your Magento system.     

With the new integration comes powerful tools to help you match and list products across Amazon’s international marketplaces, and eventually attract potential customers to buy from you.

It also delivers a thorough analytics report which enables you to monitor your business growth and gain insight into your competitor’s metrics as well.

Amazon currently accounts for 44% of online retail sales, hence the reason thousands of online sellers are devising their own game plan to ensure sales growth on the said marketplace.

A recent Magento study shows that 92% of sellers are expecting their revenue from Amazon to grow over the next twelve months. If you’re among them, then consider your expectation as a goal achieved thanks to the Magento and Amazon integration.

Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce, describes it as a huge opportunity for their clients’ brands to be discovered stating:

“With more than half of all consumers starting product searches directly on marketplaces like Amazon, this is a tremendous opportunity for merchants to help consumers discover their brand and buy their products. This enhanced capability from Magento helps merchants simplify the listing process, and measure the value gained from this important channel.”

Built on the Magento and Amazon integration are the following features designed to streamline your business on the giant marketplace:

Product Distribution

  • Leverage Amazon’s extensive catalog data for storefront enhancements such as advanced search, filtered navigation, and promotional rules
  • Automatically match products and list them across Amazon’s North American, APAC, and European marketplaces
  • Utilize advanced marketing tools to manage listings across marketplaces and increase sales by enhancing a listing’s urgency
  • Take advantage of centralized order management to synchronize order status, tracking information, customer data, and cancellations

Pricing Strategy

  • Access detailed reporting on competitor pricing and use tools designed to increase product visibility and sales
  • Deploy custom repricing tools to keep pricing competitive
  • Utilize marketing tools such as the Amazon Strikethrough Price to enhance listings and increase sales

The Magento and Amazon integration will take effect later this year and shall be available to sellers on the Open Source and Commerce editions of Magento.

Dave made a video sharing his thoughts on this news which you can see here.

eSellerCafe also managed to get some questions answered that they thought you might have in an article you can read here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this from the comments below.

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    This obviously sounds like a huge problem for m2epro which we do love. I’ll certainly be interested to see how this works. Is this integration with amazon built for Magento 2, or Magento 1 though?


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