The Magento Tax Guides are here, Yummy!


Today we are releasing guides all about your TAX settings in Magento, yay!

Hit play on the video above to learn more.

Magento Tax Settings

Some of you may remember we did cover some very basic Tax settings right back in the early guides.  These settings were just placeholders of sorts so that we could continue with the main guides.

Now however we have arrived into Order Management with Magento, having the correct Tax settings becomes crucial.

So what we have for you today is 4 new guides being published all dedicated to the tax settings for different types of business.

We have the free guide for businesses that are not yet VAT/Tax registered, and in this guide we show you the settings that you should apply in your Magento system.

We also have Premium guides for those businesses that are above the Tax threshold and are therefore tax registered or tax collecting businesses.

These guides consist of:

  • VAT/Tax settings for VAT/Tax registered businesses in the UK & Europe
  • Tax settings for Tax registered businesses in the USA
  • GST settings for GST registered businesses in Australia

Note on Premium Membership

We know a lot of you are looking forward to the Premium membership, not just for the guides but for the other benefits that we have lined up for you.  We were hoping that the Premium membership would be live by now but unfortunately we have run into a few problems with the website, which we won’t bore you with right now.

Whilst we hope that Premium will be available as soon as possible we were left with a dilemma with these guides.  Whether we should hold them back until Premium is ready, or release them for free whilst we hopefully get Premium side tied up in the next couple of days.

With this being UnderstandingE there was only one option.

So for the next day or so these Premium guides are going to be made available for free. Enjoy :)

What we cover in the Tax Guides

So in the Tax guides we have tried to cover as many bases as possible.  If you pick the guide which sounds like it best suits your business then that will contain all of the settings for your business that you will need.

To give you a brief outline what we will show you is:

  • How to confirm you have the tax classes that we setup in the earlier guides
  • Removing the standard tax rules in Magento
  • Optional: For the UK & Europe due to the number of regions we have created a tax import file which we will show you how to import
  • How to set the origin country so that Magento knows where you are in the world
  • Finally setting the desirable rules and settings for Tax in Magento

Feedvisor Webinair

Oh and that link to join the webinair, bash the button below to join and hear the full version :)


An important note that we make throughout the guides is that we are not Qualified Tax Professionals.  Although the content of the guides is correct we can not cover all the possible complexities of your individual business.  So if your business is a little more complex or you are not sure exactly how this would work, then please do consult your qualified tax professional.

As always we love to hear your feedback so please leave us comments below the guides or let us know in the forums.

Matt & Dave

PS. The link to the Magento order guides here that have the extra 4 guides is here:

PPS. This is probably why I shouldn’t be left alone without adult supervision. You’ll end up with the cookie monster nom nom nom :)

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  1. Andrew Owen-Price
    Andrew Owen-Price says:

    Hi Guys,

    Any news on Premium Membership availability ?

    I missed the 24 hour window for free view of the Uk VAT Registered Tax Guide and I’m anxious to get cracking on it !

    Regards, Andrew


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