Magento Admin Theme Updated

UnderstandingE Magento Admin Theme Update – Version 1.1


We’ve just released the first update to the UnderstandingE Magento Admin theme and this update is all about the small things.

For the past few weeks while recording the new tutorials, there have been several minor changes that needed to be made to our nerd-free Magento admin theme.

As we’ve been recording the tutorials, I’ve been taking notes on the changes needed and I’m chuffed to say that I’ve finished them all!

Magento Admin Theme+70 Minor Revisions

If you consider that version 1.0 has been live for several months already with no major flaws or updates needing to be made, this update is purely a tidying-up & refinement update.

Out of the 70 changes, for me personally the one change that really does it for me is that we now have the primary action button in green.

You might be wondering why I’d be excited by a single button?

The thing is… it’s something I missed in version 1.0.

Every time you go to make a search in the latest version ( see the screenshot to the right ), the primary action button is no longer grey like the other buttons are, it’s now in green.

It’s tiny details like this that you might look over, but they annoy the living-daylights out of me. We were having button confusion just like in the “standard” Magento admin theme and that wasn’t really good enough because I knew I could do better.

Such a tiny change, but it’s already made an impact on myself not pausing to clarify which button I should be clicking on.

Anyway, great we have a green button :/

Automatic Actions in MagentoThe other changes include:

  • Fixing the buttons position in the top floating bar
  • Better compatibility with the Moogento ShipEasy extension
  • The “Select All”, “Unselect All”, “Select Visible” and “Unselect Visible” buttons have now been styled so they’re way more obvious ( see the first screenshot above for these in action )
  • Also next to the mass actions buttons ( the ones above that appear on top any of the grids ), the count of the items selected is now twice as large, so when you select 90 products, orders, customers etc… It’s obvious how many you have selected
  • The grid customisation buttons that can cause “fun” with M2EPro have now been hidden on ALL the known M2EPro pages in Magento
  • There were also numerous subtle tweaks to M2EPro and the way that windows, actions etc.. appear. Infact I hope you don’t notice any of the changes in these sections of Magento! ( a special thanks Paul, Andy, Brian and Graham for sending a couple of these over! )
  • The theme now works with the SMD ColorSwatch extension, so you can see the configuration header bar text now ( thanks Annette for this one! )
  • Better compatibility with the Mad Capsule Media courier extensions was also added
  • In System > Manage Stores, you can now see the headers for website/store/storeviews now ( they were hiding before, naughty labels )
  • The category picker in Catalog > Manage Categories was tweaked so it’s now super obvious which category is selected with a green background, plus the selection bar now has less padding on the right so it’s larger to use ( this also has a positive effect in the category assignment in M2EPro for automatic actions, see the screenshot above, oh and I tweaked the selections window as well )

How to Update the Magento Admin Theme

Installing the UnderstandingE Magento Admin  ThemeUpdating is dead easy to do.

It’s exactly the same process as what you would have completed to upload the theme originally.

  1. You can download the latest version from your account dashboard on the “My orders” tab ( click here to go straight there )
  2. Unzip the files and upload via FTP
  3. Clear the caches, logout & in again and ta da!

If you need help with any of these steps, see the lower video tutorial on this page and the forums are just a click away.

All the changes are minor, if you don’t spot any changes at all, ironically that’s a good thing for this update, as all the changes were very subtle ( but do look out for the green search button, thats my fav change, I’m such a geek at times ).

Don’t Have the Magento Admin Theme Yet?

By no means is the theme required to use Magento or M2EPro.

However if you like the look at feel of the Magento admin panels that you’ve seen in any of the Magento video tutorials, then you can grab your copy using the link below.

If you’re a UnderstandingE Premium Member, you can grab this at half price ( see the discount code on your dashboard here ).

And if you’re not, I’ve added in a 15% off discount code that is available for 40 hours only which is “HappyHour”.

Add this code to your cart for the discount to be applied & checkout before midnight GMT on Friday 23rd May.



9 replies
  1. Richard Meldner
    Richard Meldner says:

    FYI, On the sign in page for version 1.1, on some browsers it will show a grey box next to the login box or an error stating “” not available.

    I think this is a reference to the quicklinks that was not updated on the site.


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Richard,

      Ah this your web browser protecting you, as the iframe there is from a non https site and you must being using https for your admin pages.

      I can’t make any suggestions on this right now as the frame needs to come from a ssl source and we don’t have a ssl certificate on the UE site at the moment.

      Does that make sense?


  2. Annette Winter
    Annette Winter says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the admin theme update Matt, it’s great. I love your green search button too!! I have been caught out with that a few times, so that should make it much easier.


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