Magento 1.9.1 Update

Magento 1.9.1 Update Released – Should I Update?

Howdy ,

Magento have just released version 1.9.1 which includes several cool features and security updates.

While the new features may be tempting and you should never overlook security updates, hold back for a few moments.

Literally in the past 20 minutes I’ve had 3 emails and 2 skype conversations with users that have had issues updating (two had 403 errors after updating, one was an extension issue and not entire sure on the others yet).

Putting this into perspective for a few moments

We’re in late November, things are getting busy, this week we are seeing Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

The security updates are important.

I’m not a security expert, from from what I can tell (and you should read them too here), the first is poorly configured permissions and the file needed to be uploaded in the first place, the same for the XML exploit, 3 of them are administration based (you need to be logged in first) and the other two are cosmetic (ish).

Should You Upgrade?

I can’t stress the importance of having a backup first.

Ultimately that’s your decision whether to update right now. If you are going to make an upgrade, do make a backup first!

As always 99.9% of the time you will never need it, but for the 0.01% it will save your bacon. The video tutorial on how to make a backup of Magento in a 3-4 clicks is here:

Thankfully the ALL of the people that contacted me were well educated and had backups. +1 for no-nonsense tutorials! Plus I’m sure that the majority would have updated successfully, I wouldn’t have heard about those :)

New Features

There are a collection of new features in this update, the one that is of most interest (the others are a bit nerdy to be honest), is the “Configurable Swatches”.

See here for more info

If this gets close to what you can do in the paid for extensions, this is going to be happy days! (as some of them are over $80! which is why we’ve not suggested them).

A screenshot of them in action is below:

Magento Update Configurable Swatches

And yes, expect a tutorial on this for you shortly.

In Summary

Without a doubt you should update Magento, the two points I’d like to stress are:

  • This could probably wait a couple of days
  • Make sure you have a backup!



An additional point that I missed when writing the original article is that there isn’t an update for the Responsive Ultimo theme for magento yet.

As this is likely to need some minor styling alterations for the new configurable swatches, that would be another reason to hold off on the update.

PS. I’ve just been playing with the swatches in 1.9.1 and they’re sick!

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  1. Gregory Wiktor
    Gregory Wiktor says:

    Be careful when upgrading to, I have tried this several times with the magento downloader interface and the SHTF. Fortunately I had a current backup. After attempting it, the site went down and kept redirecting to the installation wizard. So far I have narrowed the issue down to Mage_All_Latest. The update script even wiped my /errors directory leaving only local.xml behind.

    So be careful folks…

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Gregory,

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      Most of the time updates go through without a hitch and a backup is not needed. But that 0.1% of the time when something goes wrong, they come in most handy!!

      If you’re still having issues with the upgrade, may I suggest contacting Chris Astley here as he’ll be able to resolve this and it won’t cost an arm & leg to do so.


  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Upgraded to 1.9.1 and can not get PayPal Payflow Pro (Includes Express checkout to function) You are not able to “enable this solution” The field is set to no and is greyed out. It is a dead link and you are not able to change to yes, despite entering all the required information. It is the same if trying to enable PayPal Express Checkout by itself. However, Payments Pro, Payments Advanced, and Payments Standard you can configure and select enable.

  3. mike deer
    mike deer says:

    hello, I need to upgrade from 1.9.0 naar 1.9.1. How many hours does my magento specialist need to upgrade, test it on the test server and finally instal on my website and test again?

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Mike,

      We don’t have a video on this so can’t show you the process, and this will largely be down to how your site is set up.

      Also the testing time would depend on how rigorous or in depth the testing was. I would estimate that a couple of hours should be enough. However again we recommend doing backups of your current setup so again it depends how big your site is to determine how long that will take.


  4. Ashish @ MagikCommerce
    Ashish @ MagikCommerce says:

    We have witnessed whenever a major release comes from Magento customer complain about conflicts and issues regarding some backward compatibility etc. It’s wise to update on your staging server first and then after through testing update your production site.

  5. Meedo
    Meedo says:

    UPDATED; sorry for inconvenience

    Hi, thanks for this post.

    I am starting an online store; I chose a Magento theme which is 1.9.0.x compatible.. now, my question please: should i install the new Magento ver. (available from my web-host) and run the theme on it, or should i search for an older ver. 1.9.0.??

    also i am going to use extensions for shipping and payment which are more probably 1.9 compatible (i don’t know the exact version details).

    i will be building up my online store from the scratch, and would appreciate your comments.. many thanks.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Meedo,

      We would not recommend installing a theme which isn’t showing as compatible with your version of Magento. Although the latest update wasn’t a big one still it wouldn’t be worth running the risk of running into any problems.

      If your theme is still being developed then I would suggest installing Magento and perhaps waiting a week or two for the latest theme update to be released for it.

      Themes and extensions tend to be a week or two behind the main Magento release.


  6. Jacquie Klein
    Jacquie Klein says:

    I upgraded a couple of weeks ago and I use PayPal Payments Pro. I had a little trouble getting PayPal to work at first, but after I created a new API User under my PayPal account and used those credentials in Magento, it was fine.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi chandru,

      We don;t ave a video tutorial on the update process, however it’s very straight forwards if you’ve followed us along in the video tutorials as you can get Installatron to update the site for you.

      Make a backup as normal and follow the steps from Installatron in cpanel. You can of course manually update if prefered via Magento Connect, however a huge tip before starting on this is to make sure that any current extensions or themes that you are using are compatible with the latest version.


    • peterholthoffman
      peterholthoffman says:

      Is this your issue: when you click on “eBay Fee: [estimate]” on the “View Listing “Default”” page?

      Fee cannot be estimated because of next error(s):
      Your PayPal email address was not found.

      If so, did you find a solution? I’ve checked the PayPal address in “System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods” and it’s correct. Do you know of a place I have to tell eBay about the address, perhaps?


      — Peter.

  7. Nick Semon
    Nick Semon says:

    It seems like I’m coming to the party too late, already upgraded to 1.9.01. (In process). PayPal is our processor and this is not working, their support is only m-f. Webgility not working on this platform, just found out.

    My Big Question is will M2E work? Will be using for first time. Dropped same question in the forums but nobody has answered yet. On Magento connect says 1.9 (don’t know if that includes 1.9.01)

    If yes great. If not what version of magento should I be on for stable results? Many thanks.

  8. Rafael
    Rafael says:

    Thanks! I will do it at next january.
    I’ve upgraded a test environment applying 1.9.1 and works very well, as I could see. But I need more tests to ensure that system won’t break after 2 transactions or more.
    My fear is about the mysql upgrade. If 1.8 has mysql upgrades that 1.9.1 hasn’t.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Rafael,

      Personally I wouldn’t, wait for the next update to come out which normally follows a Magento update a couple of weeks later.

      I did consider suggesting updating to the 1.8 series, however if you’re going to go that far, you might as well go all the way up to the latest version and do it in one hit.


  9. Dale Holden
    Dale Holden says:

    Just for info of Ultimo Users re Magento Upgrade direct lift from their site

    First half of December, 2014

    ***** Full compatibility with new Magento

    It will take us at least a few days to review all the changes in new Magento. Then we will need to test everything and implement all the changes in our theme.
    Please note that we don’t recommend to upgrade Magento yet.
    Soon after major release there is usually another minor update so probably you will soon have to upgrade again to Magento Running the latest release is fairly unpredictable. It usually takes a few weeks for bugs in Magento to be identified and resolved in new releases. Do not upgrade your Magento yet.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Simon,

      Yes, thats a good point and I added an extra note for Ultimo too.

      If you have any extensions installed, it is worth checking with the authors that they are compatible with 1.9.1, and especially if you’re using a color swatch extension as that was included in this update.


  10. David Cartwright
    David Cartwright says:

    Thanks for this post Matt.

    Like many others I suspect have received the email announcing this update and have been pondering when to install it. As the new site we are building by following all your great tutorials is all under our control. The first time we have ever had a site that didn’t require a long a confusing phone call with a GEEK to get anything changed.

    Having read your comments I think we will leave it a few days to see if whether the early adopters experience problems and to give Ultimo time to hopefully come up with an update as well.


    PS I think the Swatches look pretty good too. (sorry to old to use expressions like “sick”)


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