M2E Pro – eBay, Amazon & Rakuten Magento Integration

M2E Pro is used by thousands of businesses across the globe and by some of the UK’s largest retailers.

As part of their partnership agreement with eBay, it’s currently provided free of charge, with free support and upgrades.

Subsidised by eBay (who also own Magento) M2EPro allows you to list products from Magento to eBay, Amazon, Play.com and Rakuten. Also M2EPro collects orders from the marketplaces and delivers them into your Magento orders screen for processing.

M2E is an extension for Magento which has been downloaded over 50,000 times via Magento connect.

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We’ll show you how to build your own Magento system using M2EPro to sell on to eBay, Amazon & Rakuten

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M2E Pro Pricing Update

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