The M2EPro Pricing Update

M2E Pro Pricing Update

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As hopefully you are aware last week, M2E Pro announced that they were moving to a pricing model.

Now whilst this shouldn’t have come as a shock as we have known for a while that this would come at some stage, the announcement came out of the blue.

The initial pricing plan that was announced on Friday the 2nd of October was revised heavily on Saturday amid some feedback M2E had received from sellers.

Now to better understand the situation lets have a look at a quick timeline of events regarding eBay and Magento.


Timeline of Events


September 2014 – Big shake up at eBay Inc due to shareholder pressure and the announce that they will be splitting up eBay and PayPal and creating PayPal it’s own independant company outside of eBay Inc.

January 2015 – eBay also announce that they are looking to sell off the eBay Enterprise business of which it was unsure if Magento would be included.

July 2015 – eBay and PayPal officially separate

July 2015 – In a move that was kept very quiet with very little press coverage eBay Inc sold Magento to a Private Equity firm.

October 2015 – M2E Pro announce that they are moving to a pricing model for users.

M2E Pro Has Never Been Free

An important note to make here is that M2E Pro has never been free.  It may have been free to you but that was only because someone else was picking up the bill.

Sell on eBay using Magento and M2EPro

Now for the past few years it has been eBay that has been picking up your bill.

However as you can note from the timeline above in January of this year eBay started making announcements that they were looking to sell off the eBay Enterprise part of the business.

What was out of the public knowledge was that in Spring 2015 eBay stopped subsidising M2E Pro in preparation of them selling off Magento.

In the months since then the guys at M2E Pro have been solely self funding M2E Pro to keep it free for as long as possible whilst exploring alternative funding options.

Sadly they could not reach a funding agreement before September which has meant they have had to introduce a pricing plan to continue the development and ongoing support of the M2E solution.

Have Your Voice Heard

Credit where credit is due M2E haven’t just rolled out a pricing model and said ‘That’s it and if you don’t like it tough”

They have not only revised the pricing model due to feedback a couple of times but this week they have taken it a step further, and this is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

Incase you missed it earlier this week, M2E Pro have opened up a Pricing survey where you can have your voice heard about a pricing strategy that would make the most sense for your business.

You can access the survey by clicking the link here:

Or alternatively the big green button below:

The survey closes tomorrow on the 9th October and we would urge you to take a few minutes to complete the survey if you haven’t already.

The more voices that are heard the higher the chance that M2E can tailor a pricing model that suits the majority of businesses best.

It’s not often that a business will ask for this kind of feedback and we think it is a great thing from the guys at M2E Pro.

So with that said, hopefully this has provided you with some more background information to the M2E Pro situation and you can see that they are doing everything they can right now to come up with the fairest pricing system they can for you the users.

As soon as an announcement gets made on the finalised pricing structure we will of course update the blog again, but i’m sure you will hear from M2E Pro directly too.

To your continued success,

Dave & Matt

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  1. Jim Roberts
    Jim Roberts says:

    I’m looking for an alternative that isn’t hosted on my magento server

    I think a stand alone solution is the way to go

    Great article by the way


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