M2E Pro Free for Small Business!


We have some great news for you today!

Over the past few weeks we have been talking with M2E Pro discussing their plans to offer a free tier in their pricing package.

We thought this was a fantastic idea and are pleased to announce that M2E Pro have now announced what their free tier will be.

So if you transact £10,000 or less a month (or 10,000 of whatever your native currency is) then you will qualify to use M2E Pro for free.

This is fantastic news for the small to medium sized businesses!

A note from Alex at M2E Pro

As mentioned above I have been chatting with Alex the CEO of M2E Pro about how this could be made to work and trying to make this free tier a possibility.

Understandably one of the key areas of concern was that of support for the free tier.

This is where the community aspect and video tutorials from UnderstandingE will come in useful and we will be working with M2E Pro to discuss the best way to deliver these to the small businesses who haven’t come across us before.

I asked Alex if he could share with us the situation regarding support for the free tier:

Each m2e pro customer is TRULY unique in terms of business he/she does and systems he/she runs. So at m2e we are supporting thousands of unique systems which have hundreds of modules running along with m2e pro solution.

Many merchants operate highly customised environments and some do not follow Magento API forcing the M2E Team to address inconsistencies to make systems work smoothly.

In 30% of support cases we are dealing with general Magento or other non m2e related queries.

Phone support very often is not feasible as we do not have physical access to our merchant system and can-not guess what could be wrong.

Our systems have client server architecture where data processing is taking place outside of Magento and completely invisible to the end users. Many take m2e pro scalability and reliability for granted but it takes much more than just a “connector” to archive this.

Some “vendors” are making stories about M2E in order to promote their software however most of these are just cheap marketing. M2E Pro data synchronisation is limited to eBay/Amazon API and processing is nether puts any pressure on Magento core nor makes system to crush.

M2E Pro code has been validated by Magento engineers when we had our module part of “Magento Go” platform.

M2E Pro have acknowledged that over 5000 businesses will fall into the free tier.

It is worth noting that in the free tier there is limited M2E support, but we at UnderstandingE can help you with the vast majority of any questions you have and if you follow the tutorials you will be setting up M2E Pro the right way.

For more information about the new free pricing tier, you can check out the brand new M2E website here.

I am sure that you will get some direct communication from M2E Pro shortly if you haven’t already explaining in more detail the in’s and out’s of the new free pricing tier.

As we like to say here at UnderstandingE…Happy Days

To your continued success,

Dave (& of course Mr O)

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