London Buses Eyed as Alternative to Delivery Vans  

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To help reduce traffic congestion in London, online retailers like Amazon and ASOS may soon be able to use the city’s bus transport system to deliver parcels to their customers’ doorsteps.

London’s leading bus company, Go-Ahead, have reportedly been in talks with logistics companies to offer some of their bus depots as parcel delivery hubs and their empty fleet for delivering goods from online retailers.

Relatively speaking, there’s more room on a bus than on a white delivery van. Hence, if this plan pushes through, it will not only reduce the number of white vans on the streets of London and ease traffic build-up, but also speed up order fulfilment, especially during the Christmas season.

According to Transport for London, 30% to 60% of deliveries to offices in central London are for personal use.  

Go-Ahead laid out their plan of action, which they believe will benefit their company, passengers, and other motorists as well, on the heels of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s draft transport strategy which states:

“Many van and lorry trips could be avoided or re-timed if freight and servicing activity were better consolidated.”

On the other hand, David Brown, chief executive officer at Go-Ahead, said that their goal has always been to maximise their assets and build new partnerships, including with logistics providers.

Once this new delivery scheme is set into motion, you can fulfill more orders and make more customers happy.

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