Let’s Get down to the Mailchimp Crash Course

Howdy !

The long wait is over. We are happy to announce that we have finished working on the Mailchimp Crash Course and are releasing it this week.

If you are dipping your toes into email marketing, this course takes you through the basic features and functions of Mailchimp, an easy and affordable tool to start with.

Before you go hands-on, though, you ought to know first that MailChimp has 15 million users and one billion emails are sent every day on this platform.

Find out how these businesses are benefitting from this popular tool in the introductory tutorial of the course.  

From there, we show you the steps to the following processes:

  • Importing subscribers into MailChimp
  • Creating a simple “Subscriber Pop-up” on your website
  • Creating a simple subscriber form

This short course also includes bonus tutorials that focus on the integration of MailChimp with various eCommerce platforms.

Now, before we let you proceed, we would just like to say that we are not recommending Mailchimp in exchange for monetary benefits.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we create email marketing campaigns which would have been a daunting task had it not been for Mailchimp.

In other words, it worked fantastically for our business and it will also work for yours beyond a shadow of a doubt.

With that said, we leave you to go ahead with this Crash Course and put MailChimp to the test.


Here’s to your continued success,

Dave & Matt


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