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Variation Products Part 4 – Size & Colour Variations


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22 replies

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  1. Muhammad Ilyas
    Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Hello there,
    I am trying to apply this concept on Pizza
    3 different Sizes ——–Medium, Large , X-Large
    and 15 different toppings like Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms etc
    Can we Make a configurable Product which allowing change of size with price along with toppings price by size.
    Do I need an extension to achieve that
    Have a good One.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Muhammad,

      Great question, The sizing can definitely be done with configurables however the toppings I think would need an extension or custom coding, as you need the ability to add multiple add ons whilst increasing price accordingly and not sure you can do that with standard Magento functionality.


  2. Andrew Gadsden
    Andrew Gadsden says:


    Imagine a situation where every colour/size combination has a different price. Blue only comes in 3 sizes, red in 3 different sizes. Each simple (child) product has its own fixed price. For example:

    B8 – £8
    B10 – £9
    B12 – £10
    R14 – £11
    R16 – £12
    R18 – £13

    This is my situation, and I have two problems.

    1. Upon choosing colour “blue” I would like the unavailable sizes (14-18) to disappear rather than to be greyed-out as at present. It’s not that they are out of stock, it’s that they do not exist.
    2. Upon choosing (for example) colour “blue” AND size “8” I want the fixed price £8 to display in the price field below the short description and bullets. At present (a) a price adjustment is shown with each variation option (eg “12: +£10”) ; (b) I have entered prices for each individual simple (child) product (ie for each available combination of attributes values) and these are *not* shown in the price field when the corresponding attribute value combination is chosen from the two dropdowns.

    It seems to me that Magento is not designed to work in the way I want it to for this case. My questions are:

    1. Is that correct?
    2. If so, is there a completely different way to go about things for my situation? (eg split size attribute into two attributes – (1) Blue size, (2) Red size)
    3. If not, what have I done wrong? Is there a config option I have missed? (eg “Use child product fixed prices in configurable products”)

    Many thanks in advance, and thank you also for an incredibly valuable set of tutorials. You have saved me a huge amount of time and money! :)


    • Andrew Gadsden
      Andrew Gadsden says:

      The goal was to create one product that combined the various possibilities, in order to reduce the total number of parent products, to make it easier for customers. Thinking about it again, I wonder whether this approach will conflict with the category structure in the marketplaces – some child products would be in one category, and others in a different category. Therefore I might have to go back to Plan A and have two configurable products, not one.

    • Andrew Gadsden
      Andrew Gadsden says:

      I seem to be having quite a nice conversation with myself here! :) Simple Configurable Products is no longer supported, though there are some forks being worked on on GitHub. The version on Magento Connect does not declare support for 1.9.x BUT its free and *so far* it seems to work. Will see how it does with images, M2E Pro, etc.

      There is a paid extension available: SDOCP – Simple Details On Configurable Products. $99. Good reviews, low sales.

  3. Gordon Langlands
    Gordon Langlands says:


    How would I add an additional simple product to an existing configurable product? For example if we had a product in 2 colours and 4 sizes and then a new size was introduced.


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Gordon,

      You’ll be glad to hear it’s quite simple.

      Firstly you need to ensure that the new size is added to the configurable attribute in Catalog > Manage Attributes > Attributes

      And assuming that it does, go to the configurable product, open it up and down at the bottom left on the associated products tab, create a new simple product using the “Quick Create” form and add in the new size.

      Does that help you Gordon?