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Swatches for Configurable Products


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7 replies

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  1. Masoud Ilyas
    Masoud Ilyas says:

    Hi, I have followed the tutorial and everything is working fine on the product page and products listing page. I also selected the dynamic price change option which is in the latest version of ultimo 1.19.1. The only problem is that when you add the item to the cart, it shows the wrong colour, e.g i have a jacket that comes in black, mustard and cream and in 5 sizes. For instance if i select mustard size small, and add it to the cart, the image in the cart only shows the black jacket, the item details are correct in the cart, only the image is wrong, it is selecting only the black image for any variation i add to the cart. Is there a fix for this, or am i going wrong somewhere with any settings.
    Kind Regards

  2. Paul Cartwright
    Paul Cartwright says:

    I have a product which is grey but the swatch wasn’t working, when I looked through the swatches it was spelt gray, changed to grey now working perfectly.

    Thought I would point this out as I think it is a English UK/English American thing just in case it happens to anyone else.


  3. AJ Valen
    AJ Valen says:

    I’ve tried to setup colour swatches useing your guide. I am not a nerd but i usually get it right in the end by following your guides. But not this time. After I have made the attributes and attributes sets, and made a cofigurable products with some color choises the product page front end shows only picture and picture gallary, headtitel and the bulletpoints, the rest of the page is blank. Simple products are no problem. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy AJ,

      Make sure that you’re using the very latest version of Ultimo and Magento, which right now is version for Magento and 1.12.0 for Ultimo.

      Also if you have been following us along in the course, the product page is a custom product page using the file in this location:


      So make sure that one is updated too.

      Tip: A very quick way to confirm if it’s related to this file or not is to rename it to “view.phtml_old” and then check the product you’re using.

      If it magically works, it means you have to update the custom view.phtml file to the latest version too, adding in any customisations as well.