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Matt & Dave.



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  1. michael Shaw
    michael Shaw says:

    Hi there I experiencing the same problem as a few others but there does not seem to be a reply to the issue.

    I do not have the two static blocks block_left_bottom and block_left_top is not in my version of Ultimo from what I can see.

    ULTIMO (1.17.1)
    Magento ver.

    Can you provide a solution to still add in the content as per this tutorial. I do have a block for the poll which i do not intend to use. I am not PHP skilled so do not know what i can and cannot edit. I do know a bit of HTML and CSS

    Kindest regards


  2. Adam Cowles
    Adam Cowles says:

    I recently purchased and installed Ultimo from Envato. Installed version is 1.16.1. Do I need to update Ultimo to get these two static blocks? They are not appearing in my list, however all other blocks mentioned so were imported. Related items code in left column would be nice, have seen this on other sites. Not vital I guess.

  3. Simon Mott
    Simon Mott says:

    I really think this video needs updating.

    Summary refers to “Is Anchor”, but the setting talked about during the video refers to “Is Active” (and as I type, my layered navigation is not working at all…!)
    The 2 static blocks referred to in the video no longer exist in Ultimo
    The PayPal services offered are now called something else
    …and a couple of other things.

    I know features change, but this video in particular was hard to follow and confusing I’m afraid :-(

  4. Rik Powell
    Rik Powell says:

    block_left_bottom and block_left_top is not in my version of Ultimo from what I can see.

    Running version: Ultimo (1.15.4)

    I have imported all of them via data import but not there!

  5. Jimbob
    Jimbob says:

    Hi Matt and dave,

    I have discovered that it is possible to hide/disable the categories menu from displaying in the left navigation bar altogether without having to set ‘is active’ to no.

    This way the side bar category menu can be removed entirely from the left navigation bar without having to impact on what displays in the top mega menu.

    I did this by going to system/configuration/INFORTIS EXTENSIONS/menu/sidebar_menu

    From here you can disable it from showing on specific pages.



  6. hannybobbins
    hannybobbins says:

    My site doesn’t have either block_left_top or block_left_bottom so I can’t do any of the cool things you’re listing in this course. I have tried reinstalling all the static blocks but they aren’t there – what is going on?? Please help!

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Henry,

      I love your questions as they always make me think!

      So with “standard” Magento you can only filter on one option at a time from one attribute. So that’s only one colour eg red from an colour attribute and you can’t do both red and blue for example.

      There are several paid for extensions that offer this, however I just found a free one here I’ve not used this personally, however if it does what it says it does, this will allow you to do this.


      • Henry
        Henry says:

        I know your sticking with what is possible & that SEO will be in a different course, but the vendor of the above plugin has an SEO friendly plugin for this exact multi-select filter. Would you suggest that, or should i seek proper advise on this?

  7. Joe Mills
    Joe Mills says:

    I seem to have no left navigation bar. The options to disable it in the ultimo settings say that I haven’t disabled it however. Is there another setting for this somewhere within magento?

  8. Henry
    Henry says:

    Hi, if I want to remove the PayPal logo, how do i do this in the child theme? I have downloaded the logo.phtml file to my desktop. What folder structure do I need to create in the child theme. Can you supply me the structure?


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Henry,

      Fab question!

      As with any phtml file that you wish to override in your child theme you would create the folder path to the file and then upload the file.

      So in this case for Ultimo it would be:


      Or the full path from the base folder:


      And to remove the logo entirely, remove the contents of the logo.phtml and upload. To get this back at any time, you can either delete the logo.phtml in your child theme or copy the file back over from the “base” directory.


  9. Stephen Maguire
    Stephen Maguire says:

    In this tutorial one of the bullet points was to cover the ” Is Anchor” setting. However you only covered how to disable and enable a category, not what the functionality of the “Anchor” setting. Did I miss something or was this covered in an earlier tutorial.