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  1. Phoebe Chen
    Phoebe Chen says:

    I am keen to use ShipEasy & PickPack but couldn’t find the later guides for installing and modifying it.
    Could you please point me to them, or let me know when they will be uploaded?


  2. BennyBlanco
    BennyBlanco says:

    Looks amazing guys. Can’t wait for the next guides on this. Will finally go premium and hit magento hard, once I’ve got these bad boys up and running.

  3. Scott Sladick
    Scott Sladick says:

    Sorry if you touched on this, but I missed it if you did.

    Will ShipEasy actually connect to carriers (UPS & USPS) and order/generate a tracking # when printing shipping labels? Will it connect to our accounts so we get our negotiated rates?


    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Scott

      Great idea, but currently not yet. I mentioned it to Jim last night and he came back saying it was a great idea and he is currently working on rule-based post-order carrier rules and doesn’t think he is that far away from this. Once that is done he said he will take a look at connecting to USPS/UPS to see how do-able this is.

      Hope that helps :)