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18 replies

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  1. davehollinshead
    davehollinshead says:


    Followed the instructions to the letter, 3 times but the side bar does not show on the blog pages at all. I have cleared all the caches logged out etc but still no sidebar. Any ideas?


  2. catgirl
    catgirl says:

    Really weird – I have followed your wordpress tutorials to the letter but this sidebar widget is also showing on my product pages as well as the blog!
    Its not on the home page or category pages. Any ideas?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Morning Sam, Dimitri,

      The WordPress sidebar should only be showing on the blog pages, can I just check that you’ve both added this code in WordPress and not in a Magento static block?

      PS. A link to the site(s) would be most handy!


      • catgirl
        catgirl says:

        Ah, figured out the problem.

        I had used the same addthis account as the one set up during the design tutorials. Once I created a new addthis account with a different email address it worked just on the blog.

        • Matthew Ogborne
          Matthew Ogborne says:

          Howdy Sam,

          Thats exactly what Dimitri suggested and it stops that from happening!

          What causes this is on the product page we have the AddThis code for the buttons on the right and uses the same DIV ID that is also used for the sidebar, so then when AdThis is loaded, it’s loading both of them to the same page.

          Good thinking btw!


        • Dimitri
          Dimitri says:

          Setting new profile in your existing addthis account will do the trick also. Point is you need to get new profile ID.