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Cheers and Whistles for a Job Well Done!

Congratulations on your completion of this course, Installing & Configuring M2E Pro for eBay; you are now ready to start listing items on eBay using M2E Pro.

By paying attention to each lesson in this course, you managed to accomplish the following:

  • Install M2E Pro in your Magento system
  • Understand what ‘Policies’ are and why they are compared to cookie cutters
  • Set the basic policies for your system
  • Add a product to a listing group and review it before it actually goes live on eBay
  • Realise M2E Pro has a Dedicated Support and a Community Support in case you would need help with M2E Pro
  • Locate the seven configuration tabs of M2E Pro within your system, so you can edit any of the policies and configuration settings if the need for it arises

From here, you’re bound for cooler topics related to Magento, eBay and M2E Pro – some of which you’ve touched on briefly in the previous tutorials.

The next course shall discuss the topics below in more detail.

  • What eBay item specifics are
  • Creating attributes in Magento for item specifics, and how these can result in comprehensive eBay listings
  • Identifying and creating attribute sets for multi-variation listings on Magento and eBay
  • How to use different view modes in M2E Pro to manage your listings in bulk
  • How to list your products in bulk on eBay using M2E Pro
  • How to revise, end and relist products on eBay through M2E Pro
  • Super cool, advanced listing templates for eBay that you can create using M2E Pro

Aside from extensive lessons on the above topics, the next course gives you a FREE listing template builder that you can use for eBay.

Making use of the fields we’ve set up in Magento and M2E Pro, you can create professional-looking eBay listings with the free listing template builder.

If you can’t hold your excitement much longer, enough dilly dallying and let’s move on to the next course where all of the fun stuff begins.

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  1. hometowncompanies
    hometowncompanies says:

    It’s been about 5 weeks since I was last learning, so as I opened Magento I see request to “update to the version 6.3.4 via Magento Connect Manager”. So I went to System/Magento Connect/Magento ConnectManager – but it’s asking for a PW that I don’t seem to know – it’s not the PW to logon to Magento…. can you help me?

    Thanks, laurie

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Laurie,

      The login details for Magento connector manager on your website will be the same username and password that you use to login with to your Magento administration.

      Hope that helps Laurie,