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[OLD] – How to Setup the Magento Cron

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How to Setup the Magento Cron

Important Note

This tutorial is no longer needed as M2E Pro updated the extension so that this is no longer required.

In this guide we take you through what is a Cron Job and then we look at how to set these up in Magento.

What is a Cron Job?

A Cron Job is quite simply a task that we can automate to run at a specific time and / or on a specific date.

We need to set up a Cron Job for a couple of reasons in M2E Pro.  We are going to set up the M2E Cron so that every minute it will go and look for orders, and inventory changes in eBay.  By doing this we allow M2E and eBay to talk to each other almost constantly to ensure that eBay and M2E Pro are in sync.

How to Setup the M2E Cron Job

cPanel ScreenshotThe setup of the Cron is really easy and can be broken down into some easy to follow steps which we take you through in the video guide above.

The steps are:

  1. Log in to your Magento system, navigate to the ‘Sell on eBay’ tab and click on the Help section
  2. Copy the PHP command from the right hand section of the page
  3. Log in to your Simple Servers Client area –
  4. Navigate to your hosting account and log in to your CPanel account
  5. Type ‘Cron’ in the find box in the top left hand column
  6. Then click the Cron Jobs icon under the advanced menu in the middle of the screen
  7. Set the common settings to ‘Every Minute’ and paste the PHP command from M2E Pro into the command box at the bottom.
  8. Click Add new Cron Job

Action Needed

Before progressing to the next guide make sure that you have set up the Cron Job in your CPanel account and that it is set to run every minute.

Remember you can watch the guide above as many times as you need and you can follow us through step by step.

25 replies

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  1. Rob mccartney
    Rob mccartney says:


    i have the messages below and still confused. what do i need to do if i only see a search bar and nothing to copy and paste?

    thank you

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Mark,

      Apologies, M2EPro updated a week or so ago and this is no not required for M2EPro. We’ll be updating all of these tutorials as soon as we can and this will be one that goes, as we have one specialised just for Magento available now.


  2. Catherine Graham
    Catherine Graham says:

    I followed the instructions for setting up the cron job in cpanel, but didn’t actually notice if I had any cron jobs set up before adding this one.
    After adding this, I scrolled down to see 3 cron jobs listed.

    Have I messed something up? Would cron jobs have been set up automatically for other plugins in the past?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Catherine,

      They may have been added by the installer script, if you see cron.php on the end and they match your webs hosting, happy days.

      If they don’t add it in accordingly.

      And if you get stuck, just shout.


  3. Katrina Ellerton
    Katrina Ellerton says:

    what am I missing?! When I go to “Sell on eBay” and “Help” there is just a search box but it doesn’t look like your screen and there are no commands to copy. I did do the test listing but I sent it live, I have another test listing too but I still can’t see it. I had a look in the help and the commands are there but in the php one I’m not sure which bits I need to change for my details

  4. amir falam
    amir falam says:

    sorry please delete my question above. I got it sorted. The issue was I was running before I could walk. I didnt create a test listing. Once I did that the options cam up.


    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hi Amir

      I have deleted the original question, glad to hear you managed to get it sorted, hey we all enjoy trying to run before we can walk :) it’s the way of the entrepreneur!

      Many thanks


  5. saisho
    saisho says:

    When I set the Cron job originally it was as shown in the video, now when I got to help page in M2E Pro it has an extra switch on the end

    -mdefault 1

    Anyone else getting this?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Saisho,

      Yes M2E Pro change the details, the old version should still work, if you’re seeing a difference between the video guide and your system, take what is set in your system.


  6. Calum Roberts
    Calum Roberts says:

    Hi Matt

    our cron job allows us to run every second, not sure if this is a good thing or not, does mean it updates more frequently but would this not add extra load to the server ?