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Adding Products to M2E Pro

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In this guide, we take you through the process of adding your first product to a listing group.  This is important as by using Listing groups it means we can use the ‘Policies’ we created in the last guide to create a listing group for similar products.


In order to follow us through this guide you will need to have a product in your inventory which you can add to the listing group that we create.

Key Points:

  • Choosing the most relevant eBay categories for your product is important
  • Ensure you pick the eBay item specifics that best fit your product description.
  • If you don’t want to list your item, just yet, that’s fine remember to select review your item instead.
  • If you have any errors, M2E will let you know before it lists an item.

How to Add a Product to M2E Pro

Now that you have your first listing group in M2E Pro, you’ll need to add your first product to it.

This tutorial shows you how to add a product from Magento to a listing group in M2E Pro.

Note, however, that the product you add to the listing group will not automatically go live on eBay.

You have the option to review the product in your listing group before it goes live, and you’ll learn more about this later as you go along.

Step 1. Add a Product to Your Listing Group

Adding Products to M2E Pro

In the section where you left off, click on the Continue button and then choose Product List in the next section.

Click on the Continue button in the top right-hand corner.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Besides the title, SKU and other standard options, you may search for a product using the Advanced Filter at the top of the page.

Since the women’s rucksack – the product we want to add to the listing group –  is already on the product grid, just tick it off on the left-hand side.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Next, click on the Continue button in the top right-hand corner.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

In the pop-up box that asks you whether you want your M2E Pro listing settings customised or not, choose No.

Step 2. Set eBay Categories for Your Product

Adding Products to M2E Pro

There are four options for setting ebay Categories for the product you have picked.

In this case, choose All Products same Category.

Once you’ve done that, click on the Continue button in the top right-hand corner.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

The next section gives you an additional option called eBay Store Category if you have an eBay store, otherwise you will only see eBay Category.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

To choose a Primary category for your product, click on the Edit link and then scroll down the list of categories.

When looking for a women’s rucksack, you’re likely to go into Clothes, Shoes & Accessories and then to Women’s Handbags.

Once you’re done, click on the Confirm button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Under eBay Store Category, click on the Edit link and then scroll down the list of categories.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

There might not be enough categories to choose from at the moment, as you’ve just installed your M2E Pro.

Pick on any one of the available categories, but later on you will have to choose which is most appropriate for your product.

In this case, we’ll go for Coats & Jackets followed by Capes.

Once you’re finished, press Confirm in the bottom right.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Click on the Continue button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3. Add Item Specifics

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Using item specifics that are relevant to your product will increase your chances of generating more buyers on eBay because they will become more knowledgeable about your product.

You can opt to use eBay Recommended specifics, Custom Attributes that you’ve set up in your Magento system or Custom Values which you manually type in.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

Once you’re finished adding item specifics to your product, click on Continue in the top right-hand corner.

Step 4. List or Review Your Product

Adding Products to M2E Pro

After you’ve successfully added a product to M2E Pro, you’ll be given the option to List Added Products Now or Review Your Products.

By choosing the first option, the product that you’ve just added to your listing group will appear on eBay instantly.

Meanwhile, clicking on Review Your Products shall allow you to double-check the details of your product before it goes live.

While you’re in the process of reviewing, click on the estimate link under the product name and SKU to get an estimate of the eBay fees for this item.

Step 5. List a Product on eBay

Adding Products to M2E Pro

The Status of the product in your listing group says Not Listed, as shown on the right-hand side.

To list it on eBay, click on the Actions drop-down menu and then choose List Item(s) on eBay from the options.

Click on the Submit button on the right-hand side so that M2E Pro can process your request.

Adding Products to M2E Pro

If your system has unexpectedly timed out before you can complete this step, click on Sell On eBay in the top menu, and then choose Listings from the drop-down list.

Click on the listing group you were at earlier and then continue where you left off.

In this tutorial, you learned how to add a product from your Magento inventory to a listing group in M2E Pro.

Aside from that, you learned how to set eBay categories, add item specifics, as well as estimate eBay fees for your product.


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  1. Mandrick
    Mandrick says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have posted this same question in the forum and realized I should place the question here.

    I have completed all the settings by following closely the previous tutorial “Setting Up M2E Pro for eBay”. Upon successful setting up and saving of the synchronization policy, I was returned a congratulation screen and there is a button in the screen awaiting for me to add my first product to m2e pro. Instead of keeping the screen alive, I closed the screen. When I came back to add the first product, I cannot get back to this very last screen with a button anymore. How can I add an new product to m2e pro?

    In my case, there is no dropdown menu from my “Sell to eBay” tab. Clicking at the “Selling to eBay” tab simply brings me to a “Creating A New M2E Pro Listing” screen. If I tried to re-create all the settings/policies by putting in “Default” for the title in this very first page, m2e pro would complain: “The specified Title is already used for other Listing. Listing Title must be unique”.

    Would shall I do to proceed? I cannot find the button. I cannot re-create the settings/policies either.

    Kindly help. Many thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Mandrick,

      It sounds like you’ve got stuck in the installer, you have two options here:

      #1 create a new listing group & policies with slightly different names

      #2 contact M2EPro support via and get them to trip the wizard so you get back to that stage for you (they will need login details for your site to be able to do that, so include these details for them).

      Hope that helps Mandrick,


  2. peterholthoffman
    peterholthoffman says:

    I posted this elsewhere and would delete it from there, if I could, as I realize I should have asked here. Sorry!

    Anyway (on Magento and M2E Pro ver., when I click on “eBay Fee: [estimate]” on the “View Listing “Default”” page, I get the following error:

    Fee cannot be estimated because of next error(s):
    Your PayPal email address was not found.

    I have generated and applied the PayPal credentials on the Payments page without incident (“Payments Standard (Includes Express Checkout)”).

    As a result, I’m guessing M2E and PayPal are talking so the problem is between M2E and eBay. Does anyone have an idea as to where I should look to get started? I’m new to eBay as well….

    Thanks again for this tremendous resource!

    (Btw, my other post is at — just in case it can be deleted.)

    • peterholthoffman
      peterholthoffman says:

      I made a typo in the email address.

      I found where to fix it by clicking on “Sell On eBay > Configuration”, clicking on the “Policy” tab, and then clicking on the row of type “Payment”. The page that came up had the incorrect PayPal address in the PayPal section, in the blank “PayPal Email Address”.

  3. David Rumble
    David Rumble says:

    Hi Matt & Dave,

    I have just added a product to m2e listings and sucessfully listed onto ebay, however the ebay title is the product title and not the ebay title? Any ideas why or how to change this.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy David,

      Yes and I’ve made the same mistake before too!

      The eBay title is set in the Description Policy.

      Go to Sell on eBay > Configuration > The “Policies” Tab > Select the “Description” policy you’re using > And set it to so that it’s like the image below.

      Once saved, go to Sell on eBay > Listings > Select the Listing Group where the item is > Tick the item on the left > Select Revise from the Actions menu on the right > Hit go.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Haley Hays
    Haley Hays says:

    When I am listing products only one photo …the primary is showing in my Ebay listing. How do I get all my product photos to list onto ebay?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Haley,

      I have a hunch with this one and it’ll to be to do with your policy settings in M2EPro.

      1. Go to Sell on eBay > Listings
      2. Select the listing group that you have items in that only have one image or one of the recently listed items
      3. From the top click on the button called “Edit Listing Settings” and click on “Selling”
      4. Next to the description policy, click on “View / Edit” (I am assuming you created a policy for this rather than custom settings)
      5. In the new window set
      A: “Gallery Images” to “up to 11”
      B. “Change Images for Attribute” to an appropriate attribute if its a variation listing (see the separate tutorials on this)
      C. set “Gallery Type” to “Gallery Picture”
      6. And then hit save
      7. Now go back to the listing in M2EPro and revise it (from the actions menu).

      It should also be noted that if a listing is sent to eBay with just one image, M2EPro may not add additional images (known issue with M2E), so also try this with a new listing that you know to have lost of additional images.


      Check your listing fees in eBay, as the listing fees for additional images vary from category to category and I’d hate to have made the suggestions above and then you find out you’re being charged loads extra. You can check this in My eBay > Billing History > And then look for a recently listed item number.

      Hope that helps Haley


  5. mab
    mab says:

    When setting up a listing, I can’t get past the Ebay primary category. We’re in the Ebay motors category in the US. I’ve tried searching by text and by the ebay category ID. I’ve clicked on the “If you cannot find necessary category, try to update eBay sites data.” message and still, no luck.

  6. Scott Sladick
    Scott Sladick says:

    Quick question.. When I click on “estimate” to see eBay fees m2e tells me there will be a $0.10 insertion fee. However I have 500 free insertions per month so it shouldn’t be $0.10.

    Does m2e just not realize that, and it will actually be free, or am I missing something?


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Scott!

      That message comes back directly from eBay, so it’s eBay that is telling you that it’s going to be $0.10 (M2EPro just formats the message nicely).

      Frankly speaking, if you know you have 500 listings free, list it and then check or billing section on eBay to confirm that you didn’t get charged.

      Hope that helps Scott!


  7. ryan lee
    ryan lee says:

    hi, thanks for putting together these guides. we are struggling doing all channels manually at present and have grown quickly and now in need of this feature.
    It has opened my eyes to what can be achieved with this and will save us 4 hours a day if we get it installed.

    we do have m2epro installed and it brings in our orders from amazon and ebay but our developers basically left us with that only and did not set up any of the listing side.

    We are not massively techinical and also struggling with time. could you recommend anyone in the manchster area who can help us fully intergrate the m2epro?

    i would like a bit of face to face time when showing us how to use it.


  8. steven lightfoot
    steven lightfoot says:

    Hi Matt/Dave, after 3 years of paying fee’s to multichannel companies, and hating every penny that left my wallet, his is starting to get exciting. Iv chosen to create a secondary account to simplify things at first, as our main business has 15k+ sku’s with repricers and variations in conditions etc… but relly starting to heat up now! got our first item listing through m2e pro on ebay. Thank again for these guides!

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Steven

      We totally get where your coming from, especially if you were using one of the software providers that charge a percentage of sale…It is a tax on growth and can almost seem like a punishment for doing well. Hence why we thought this third generation had to be brought out in to the open.

      I definitely think that is a good move setting up a secondary account, even if it’s just to dip your feet in and see what it’s like, rather than risking a successful business which is operating well as it is. Then once you are familiar with the new way you can migrate over if you see fit.

      Congrats on the first listing with M2E Pro, and thanks so much for the feedback, we really do appreciate it. If there is anything you need help with you know where we are.


  9. Dale Holden
    Dale Holden says:

    Matt i am struggling to adjust individual shipping prices for items in a listing group. you told me i could edit any product but i cannot see it. If i edit listing it applyies to the whole group not the item you have ticked. What am i doing wrong i watched the guides again and cannot see how you adjust an individual item in a listing group that is not listed.
    [08:49:22] Thor Norse God: THis is what i was reffering to yesterday do i need a separate listing group for each diffent postage price if so it is poor design i will need about 10 listing groups for paostage alone

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Dale,

      The answer to this is “View Modes”.

      Go to to Sell on eBay > Listings > Select a “Listing Group” and in the middle there is an option called “View Mode”, if you switch this you’ll see the eBay, Magento and settings options.

      We briefly cover this in one of the guides as we’re adding products and we’ll have a dedicated guide for them specifically later. This is how to can override or set listying specific options without having lots of listing groups based upon shipping rather than variations.


  10. Greg Hattingh
    Greg Hattingh says:

    Still no luck. I noticed this on the Product information/images page, not sure if it is relevant: “Image type and information need to be specified for each store view.”.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Greg,

      Daft question, do you have more than one store front?

      Also, assuming that the product you added to list with is OK to be listed to eBay, tick it on the left, select the “List to eBay” option on the action menu and see if it does actually make it’s way through to eBay.


        • Calum Roberts
          Calum Roberts says:

          Had a similar issue, clicked on estimate fee and a dialogue box popped up saying there was no image attached and couldnt estimate the fee. Went ahead and listed the item and went through fine, with image

          • Matthew Ogborne
            Matthew Ogborne says:

            Howdy Calum,

            This must be a bug (or hidden feature as I like to call them) in M2E Pro at the moment with the estimate fees option. There discussion in the forums here and we’ll get that reported over to M2E Pro so they’re away.


  11. Greg Hattingh
    Greg Hattingh says:

    Hi there
    I can’t get the “estimate” to work. I’m getting a message “Your listing must have at least 1 photo. Please add at least 1 photo and then submit your listing.” but the photo seems to be there. It is showing in the grid and in the magento store front okay. Any ideas?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Greg,

      We had that too. If I remember correctly I needed to change the policy so that it had gallery enabled and upto 11 images.

      Yep, go to Sell on eBay > Configuration > Then click on the “Polices” Tab > click on your description policy

      1. Then we have “Gallery Images” set to “Up to 11” for the “Images & Watermark” section
      2. And then “Gallery Type” set as “Gallery Picture”
      3. Also check that the product in Catalog > Manage product and click on the product that the three radio boxes are set for the main image you wish to use

      Would you like to try that and let me know if it works?