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  1. Govinder Singh Chana
    Govinder Singh Chana says:

    I am having problems with the drop down menu for shipping services. I am selecting drop down button but nothing is showing. i have looked in the forums but no help is available on this problem. Please could you help?

  2. Tom Hartshorn
    Tom Hartshorn says:

    I have just found out (Via M2E) that if you’re using the UnderstandingE Admin Theme, it won’t work… You will need to switch over to the standard admin theme in Magento.
    Is there any way of you fixing the theme i purchased so it can be used as yes, i know now i can change over to the Standard Admin Theme, but a bit of a faf.

  3. dsshopper2015
    dsshopper2015 says:

    Hi Matt and Dave,

    I am having problems with drop down menu for shipping services even if i put attributes in still no drop down domestic services.

    Don’t know what else to do you can’t skip this as it is required option tried going in system and configuration in shipping but still no joy.

  4. duncanrnaylor
    duncanrnaylor says:

    Hi Matt and Dave.
    I’m going through the “creating a new M2E pro listing wizard and when I get to the Domestic shipping policy part to add a sgipping method there is no drop down box option for the service. Instead it just gives me a white box with nothing to select. I’ve also noticed that this is the same for the Dispatch time drop down. The other drop down boxes in the shipping settings are all ok and can be selected. Any idea as to what has happened and how it can be fixed? I cannot move past this screen as they are required fields. Great couse by the way. Very impressed!

  5. Deborah Freeman
    Deborah Freeman says:

    Hi Dave and Matt, the option to turn off the Importing of orders is completely missing on my screen so I cannot turn it off, or see if it is switched on. Is it something to do with the way my Ebay account is set up?

  6. David Rumble
    David Rumble says:

    Just noticed after I installed m2e pro that I only have “sell on ebay” and Amazon (beta) tabs to choose from. Where do you set up policies and templates etc for listing on ebay?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy David,

      Click on the “Sell on eBay” tab at the top and you’ll be taken through the wizard.

      Most importantly, select the “Advanced” setup, as you’ll then be able to set up the polices etc… as part of the process.


  7. Mick May
    Mick May says:


    at around 8:30 you mention an interview with Hannah from ebays cross border trade department.

    I can’t find the podcast, is it still up or?

  8. Haley Hays
    Haley Hays says:

    In this video it says Magento Settings – My Store View : and you have it set as myebayid How do I set this up for a store view of myebayid? I do not see how to do this.

  9. Andrew Kitchen
    Andrew Kitchen says:

    I followed the tutorial fine. You mentioned that m2epro would not list the item if we didn’t want it to. In your example you didn’t list your backpack – there was a paypal error to do with a business account, as well as the eBay title not being originally completed. When you completed the title it did not list it due to the paypal error. However, the tutorial sets the listing within m2epro as ‘automatic’, which when you correct the missing eBay title, lists the product to eBay automatically!
    It might be worth making sure the system is not set to automatic listing if you are not wanting things to be listed whilst still “playing around”.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Andrew

      That is a good point, and when we re-do this id I will make sure it is in the notes to make this much clearer if you don’t want your products to list. Hope it didn’t cause you any problems :/


  10. Alex Goodacre
    Alex Goodacre says:

    Loving your guides :-)
    One thing i noted my m2e version is newer than the one you used and did not give me a option to click get if fast on postage.
    Is this correct or have i missed something?
    I have used post options of royal mail 48 and special next day delivery so this should give get it fast?

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve checked in one of our installations and it’s showing, if it’s not showing for you in the installation wizard, just go through the steps and come back and change the settings as desired in Sell on eBay > Configuration > Policies and you’ll want to pick the shipping policy in the list.


  11. Gordon Langlands
    Gordon Langlands says:

    I have 2 Paypal accounts, a normal one and a micropayments one for sales under £9. Is it only possible to set up one Paypal account in M2E Pro?


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Great question!

      This is never going to be perfect as you can only store one PayPal email address per listing and as I’m sure you’re aware you can change them over depending on the order value at eBay.

      But what you can do is have two payment policies in M2E and for the items that will come in under £9, have a policy with the PayPal microtransactions account set and for the items that will go over £9, set the other PayPal account email on the policy.

      Then when listing to eBay apply the policy as appropriate in M2E.

      Does that make sense Gordon?


  12. stacey gould
    stacey gould says:

    Hi, I am trying to do the Tutorial Setting Up M2E Pro for eBay – Practical but am just getting a black screen. I have done the previous tutorials. Could you please assist so I can move forward with my installation. Thanks :)

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Stacey,

      How odd!

      What I would suggest you do is swap web browsers to say FireFox or Chrome and see if that solves this for you.

      After logging into the Magento admin page, go to “Sell on eBay” at the top and you’ll carry on where you left off.

      If that doesn’t work, shoot M2EPro an email at support@m2epro.com with the admin URL and some login details (see here for a tutorial on how to create new users, oh and you’ll need to start that course if you haven;t just yet as well, press the big brown button at the top here to do so) and they’ll be able to resolve this for you.

      Do let me know how you get on!


  13. George Cheah
    George Cheah says:


    I have this warning message from my Magento: –

    System Requirements
    Properties Recommended Value Current Value
    PHP Version >= 5.3.0 5.3.28
    Memory Limit >= 256 MB 128 MB
    Magento Version >=
    Max Execution Time >= 360 sec 45 sec

    Should I worry about this or get it fix by the hosting company?

    Or should I just ignore it?


    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi George,

      Is that Siteground by anychance?

      Yes you’ll need to speak to the web hosting company as Magento is a hungry beast and will needs the extra memory and execution time.


  14. Jade
    Jade says:

    Hmm, what if you set up your m2e a while ago because you got a little impatient and you can’t remember if you chose simple or advanced? Is it possible to re-set m2e to it’s original settings or check that I have the correct setting?

    • Jade
      Jade says:

      Ah, because I had partially prepared a listing, the extra menu fly-outs on the “Sell On Ebay” tab had been suppressed, after I finished the listing, the extra options returned and I found I could select Sell On Ebay>Configuration>General and then in the 1st box there was the option to change from simple to advanced.

      I guess that means that I won’t’t be able to follow this guide to the letter, but I thin I’ll probably suss it out.

      Good work fellas.

  15. BennyBlanco
    BennyBlanco says:

    Hi Matt, there seems to have been a few updates to a section of this since you done your video. I’m just doing the set up following your guide and at 12:50ish you set the listing duration to GTC and conditional qty to disabled. I’ve got an additional field which isn’t there in your video called “Out Of Stock Control:”.

    There’s also another additional field below this in the “price” section called “Add VAT Percentage: *”.

    And there’s a new section above “price” called “taxation”.

    I think the latter are pretty obvious but I am not sure what to select for “Out Of Stock Control:”. The options for me to select are “yes” or “no”.