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  1. Richard Hails
    Richard Hails says:

    It might be helpful to pont out that you cannot set an attribute of type “price” to “store view” scope. If you want to go with the other method, i.e one attribute for each piece of data and use the scope settings to change them, then you’re still going to have to create different attributes for diffferent marketplace prices.

    You can actually set “price” to “web site” scope in SYSTEM -> CONFIGURATION -> CATALOG -> PRICE ut not “store view” scope. This is set globally so applies to all attributes of type “price”.

    There is an extension available here that fixes this problem but from the reviews it seems it doesn’t work well with later versions of Magento


  2. Dimitri
    Dimitri says:

    Guys, following this logic for attributes creation, shouldn’t we also create new attributes for 5 bullet points and description and any other attribute that needs to be localised (translated)?