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Creating Variation Products on Amazon – Practical Part 2


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Matt & Dave.




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  1. roger
    roger says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have successfully created three variable products on Amazon, these are new products no one else is selling. However the price does not appear on the parent product page but does appear when you select Size > Available from these sellers.

    Looking at other people products the price (or a price range) appears under the title, on my product this is missing. Any ideas what i am doing wrong please?

    One of the products is:


    • roger
      roger says:

      I have been successfully creating variable products on Amazon but since last week I always get the following error:-
      100% of the products in your file did not process successfully. We recommend using Check My File to help you identify and correct common listing errors before updating your inventory. To use Check My File, upload your file on the “Add Products via Upload” page in the “Check My File” section.
      Can anyone tell me:
      1) What I am doing wrong.
      2) Where I can find the “Check My File” section.

      I have a feeling that it’s not finding the child products because when I click ‘manage variations’ non are available and the only tabs showing in that pop up window are ‘settings’ and ‘advanced’ whereas on successful products I have uploaded there is also a ‘child products’ tab.

      PS: Matt and Dave – it would be useful if you created a tutorial tackling all the error messages.