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An Introduction to the Amazon and M2E Pro Advanced Course

The Amazon and M2E Pro Advanced Course takes you to the next level in Amazon, Magento and M2E Pro.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of Amazon, and with M2E Pro set up in your Magento system, you sure are ready for the lessons that come with this course.

To ensure that we present each of the lessons to you in the clearest way possible, we came up with a specific battle plan.

In the upcoming tutorials, you will learn the following topics in their order of arrangement:

  1. How to add additional attributes to your Magento system in order to have maximum control over your products on Amazon using M2E Pro
  2. How to go after the Amazon products that you already have in your Magento system
  3. How to export Amazon products that don’t exist in your system yet using WidgetChimp
  4. How to create simple and variation products in Amazon using M2E Pro
  5. Other related topics, such as listing groups, FBA settings, automatic actions, view modes, policies and repricing, among many others.

However, in order for you to understand – not to mention appreciate – the tutorials in this course, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. A working knowledge of selling on Amazon.
    If you’ve never sold on any Amazon marketplace yet, The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon course will help you from the get-go. This free course will familiarise you with Amazon, and make you understand why it’s referred to as the giant marketplace in the ecommerce industry.
  2. You have completed the Amazon and M2E Pro Basic Course
    it’s another free course that shows you the steps to installing and configuring M2E Pro for Amazon. In this course, you’ll learn which attributes to add to your Magento system to complete the M2E Pro Setup Wizard.
  3. You have Magmi installed and working.
    Magmi is an essential tool for matching and creating new products in Magento. To learn more about Magmi, you may take the course entitled Importing Products into Magento with Magmi.
  4. You have an FTP account and software setup.
    Back in the Getting Started with Magento course, you learned how to create an FTP account in cPanel and how to set it up in FileZilla.
  5. You have a WidgetChimp account.
    Premium members of UnderstandingE just have to register to WidgetChimp to receive a free elite subscription to WidgetChimp.

That type of subscription gives you access to a wide selection of tools; one of which is an Amazon export tool.

The said tool allows you to get the ASIN, SKU, title, images, description and the other details of an item you’ve listed on Amazon, and then use the data to create a product within Magento. Later on, you can sell it on your website or on eBay.

This tutorial gave you a rundown of topics that you can expect from this course.

In the next tutorial, you will learn how to get additional attributes into your Magento system, so you can have maximum control over your Amazon products.

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