Leaving “The Corporate World” to Start Your Own eCommerce Business

Leaving “The Corporate World” to Start Your Own eCommerce Business

Bamford TradingIn this podcast we speak to John from Bamford Trading, who along with his wife Gill, both left their jobs in the corporate world and decided to start an online retail business.  With £2,000 in their pocket they set off to Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham to source their first products.

Hear how by selling bits and pieces from around the house John realised that eBay would be the key marketplace for them and their initial route online.   In John and Gill’s product vertical they are up against some fierce competition and big household names, but they’re winning.  Hear John’s advice for being able to compete in this market, and what you can do to level the playing field.

Crucially find out why John says he doesn’t think his business could run without the marketplaces.

Press Play below and listen in to John’s story:



  • Leaving the Corporate World for a new challenge
  • Selling bits and pieces on eBay and realising the potential
  • Going to Spring Fair to source their first products, and the realisation when having them delivered.
  • Competing with the Big Boys
  • Using software to help your business be efficient
  • The importance of Cash flow and monitoring financials
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • eBay Vs Amazon – Why eBay is the favourite
  • John’s tip for selling online

Benefits of the Marketplaces

John is a huge advocate of the marketplaces and makes a couple of  admissions which would see him berated in most forums.  One of them being “The marketplace fees, aren’t unreasonable”

The beauty of selling on the marketplaces is that they take care of an awful lot of maintenance for you.  John mentions how a few years ago, he didn’t have to worry about optimising for mobile or tablets because both eBay and Amazon, took care of that headache so his listings were automatically optimised.

Perhaps most importantly, John explains why for him, eBay is his key marketplace.  By allowing him to stand out from competitors and allow him top personalise his persona in both his shop and listings, and also further differentiate from people selling the same products,

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

  • John’s Website “BamfordTrading.com
  • John and Gill being interviewed for an eBay Seller Case Study
  • Dropbox <= Free to Download – 2 GB of space for Free
  • Tiddly Wiki <= a reusable non-linear personal web notebook – Free Download
  • Widget Chimp <= The website run by our very own Matt Ogborne, offering fantastic widgets to enhance your eBay listings.
  • APC  – <= The couriers that John mentions in the Podcast (The Alternative Parcel Company)

Your Feedback?

John is yet another entrepreneur.  He stepped away from being an employee and took on the challenge of setting up an online business and has made it a huge success.

After listening to John’s story, do you have any questions or feedback? If so, use the button below to join us right now & the forums are always open.

We’ll see you there!

Matt & Dave

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