Key Dates in 2019 for Online Sellers: Holidays from October to December

Key Dates in 2019 for Online Sellers: Holidays from October to December

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As the last quarter of 2019 approaches, it pays to have a list of lucrative holidays or events during this period to hand. This will not only help you prepare your inventory but also ensure your online store’s order processing system is in place to accommodate orders when they start piling up.

After all, the last thing you want before the year winds up is a glitch that could turn off customers and hurt your sales.

Regardless of your product category, awareness of the following dates will surely kick in some selling ideas and boost your sales.

  • 31st October, Halloween used to mean ghoulish costumes for children, pumpkins, and candies. These days, even adults eagerly await it and put so much thought into their party theme, spooky outfits, and scary gimmicks that you can actually cash in on them.    
  • 5th November, Bonfire Night is all about fireworks displays and, as its name suggests, bonfires! Since everyone will be celebrating in the cold November breeze, be sure that they can buy scarves, gloves, and beanies, among other warm clothing accessories from your online store. If you’re into food products, excite them with delicious foods that they can cook over an open fire.  
  • 29th November, Black Friday officially kicks off the Christmas season as its growing popularity encourages British consumers to open their wallets and take advantage of the best deals online. If you’re planning to roll out a new product, you’ll want to do it on this usually week-long shopping event as everyone has their shopping mode switched on.  
  • 2nd December, Cyber Monday happens on the Monday following Black Friday. Start an email campaign as early as now, informing your customers of deals and promo codes which they can take advantage of on this important day.  
  • 25th December, Christmas Day gives people more reasons to spend money. Aside from shopping for themselves, they have friends and family to think of, hence their total spending increases at this time of year. However, the occasion comes hard on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so see to it that your online store offers fresh items and deals so as not to dampen your sales.     
  • 26th December, Boxing Day is a long-held tradition which eCommerce stores are now benefitting from. Many people love the convenience of shopping for gifts online, but because it falls after Christmas, consider running a sale to attract shoppers. You can also opt to send a targeted email with a promo code to a specific group of customers in your email list. 

We’re guessing you’re currently busy stacking your online store’s virtual shelves with school supplies a couple of weeks before school starts. Try and keep the above-mentioned holidays in the fourth quarter of the year at the back of your mind because preparation is key to a successful eCommerce business.

How are you preparing your online store for the final quarter of 2019? We hope to hear from you in the comments below.

As always, to your continued success,

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