Key Dates in 2019 for Online Sellers: Holidays from January to March

Key Dates in 2019 for Online Sellers: Holidays from January to March    

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The new year signifies another chance to overcome challenges and learn fresh tactics to take your online business to the next rung of the success ladder.

To set you on the right track, we’ve compiled important shopping holidays in 2019 that will surely increase your profit margin.

By taking note of these dates, you can plan your inventory, pricing and shipping costs in advance. That way, everything goes off without a hitch and more customers will want to buy from you.  

Here’s a list of the key dates from January to March.

  • 25th January, Burn’s Night or Burn’s Supper is a Scottish holiday that celebrates the life of the poet Robert Burns. Take advantage of the occasion by offering Scottish-inspired products (e.g. tartan skirts, T-shirts with the image of the Scotland flag, etc), as this will guarantee additional sales.
  • 1st February, Six Nations Championship is an annual international rugby competition which sellers of sporting goods can piggyback on to increase their sales. If that’s not you, you can still benefit from the event by highlighting items in your store that are relevant to it.
  • 3rd February, Super Bowl LIII is another huge sports event that  is anticipated by football fans around the world. If you sell personalised items, you may include custom Super Bowl T-shirts and caps in your offerings.
  • 14th February, Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions where you can easily make money selling anything with hearts, chocolates and cherubs on it. It magically brings out everyone’s romantic side and makes them want to please the special person in their life with sweets and gifts.    
  • 1st March, St. David’s Day is a Welsh holiday that commemorates the life of St. David. Daffodils and leeks are in demand on this day, but if their synthetic versions are available in your store, then you’re in luck.
  • 5th March, Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day is the perfect opportunity for online food sellers to increase their profit margin. Add videos to your website in the days leading up to the occasion, showing delicious pancake recipes. Even if you don’t actually sell pancakes, this is a good way to get into the celebratory mood and draw potential customers.  
  • 8th March, International Women’s Day is an event celebrated globally to honor women’s achievements and rights. If you’re selling women’s clothes, shoes and accessories, create and send a customised email campaign to your loyal female customers along with a discount coupon for their next purchase. Not only will they feel valued but they’ll also recommend your store to others.
  • 17th March, St. Patrick’s Day is identified with the colour green. If you have Irish customers, they will appreciate your store more if it has touches of the said colour aside from some special deals. Never mind if the products that you’re selling aren’t related to the occasion, as long as your store has that holiday feel.
  • 31st March, Mother’s Day is the biggest sales event in the first quarter of the year, which no eCommerce business will want to miss out on. Be sure that you create a list of gift ideas or best buys to help your customers find the perfect present for Mum.

We hope that with this list of holidays you’ll be able to plan the first quarter of the year wisely and effectively.

To your continued success,

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