“Keep looking until you find it, Don’t settle”

The title of this post was from by Steve Jobs at his Stamford Commencement Speech back in 2005 and it is something that we have had to live by whilst building UnderstandingE.  This is the 3rd time round for UnderstandingE as both previous times, something didn’t add up and didn’t feel right.  The 3rd time however we found it and this is the route it was meant to follow.

Since then the “Keep looking until you find it, Don’t settle” theme has been present in almost all aspects of what we are building with UE.  We are trying to cover all possible angles for as many businesses as possible ready for our launch date of January 1st.  For anyone who knows myself or Matt we don’t believe in ”making do’ and we certainly won’t be recommending any extensions or services that we don’t think bring value for money or immense benefits to you a the business owner.

The EPOS Search

A good example of this is that we have recently been looking for a suitable EPOS solution which covers all bases in Magento whilst having a rich feature set to deal with point of sale order creation.  We thought there had to be an extension that would be perfect for what you, the business owner would need.  So we had a look and found a list of extensions and products which looked like they fit the bill.  We found three providers which looked like they would be perfect extensions for the UE users.  We arranged  for three phone meetings with three different providers and we were confident that at least one of them would turn out to fit what we needed.  The reality however is that all three had to be ruled out for totally different reasons.

This left us with a choice, we could do our best to make a solution fit which we knew wasn’t quite right, or we keep on looking… there could only be one answer “Keep looking until you find it, Don’t settle”

We now have a meeting coming up with one of the leading EPOS providers out there and so far it looks the best extension we have come across so far, so fingers crossed this will be the one, but if not we will keep on looking until we find it, and if we can’t find it then we will look at developing our own.

We know at UnderstandingE that we are guiding YOUR businesses and we cannot afford to compromise on value and that’s why we will continue to keep looking until we find it.  We won’t settle.

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  1. MatthewOgborne
    MatthewOgborne says:

    Hi Dave,

    This is been driving us nuts trying to find a viable solution.

    The thing is we keep finding 1st & 2nd generation providers. The 1st generation acknowledge there is an online world, but they’re focused on traditional retailers, so when it comes to using another system for stock management it just won’t work. There are a collection of 2nd generation providers that have a real mix of options, but still come back to 1st gen thinking. I thought this one was going to be easy, but I was wrong.

    We have a call with one of the worlds largest extension development companies this week, they’re the closest thing we’ve found to date, well besides another option but that was silly expensive.

    “Keep looking until you find it, Don’t settle” I think that’s so true, I dislike compromises, so hanging out for the ideal solution and if we can’t find it or someone willing to make it for us, hell we’ll do it ourselves :)



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