Jungle Scout for Amazon Research Webinar Replay

Howdy ,

Last week we had a special guest on our weekly Mastermind webinars.  We were joined by Greg the creator of Jungle Scout.

In case you missed it we have the recording available for you to view below.

In the webinar Greg took us through what Jungle Scout is and crucially what it can do to help you and your business.

Greg takes us through both the Jungle Scout web app as well as the Google Chrome extension and shows us first hand some product research live and also what sort of criteria he personally uses to determine if a product has potential or not.

Greg actually practices what he preaches and is an active seller on Amazon and divulges loads of top quality info on how he personally sources his products, including a look at ‘Jungle Stix’ and the story behind them.

So if you missed the webinar live or just want to recap on what we covered with Greg then just hit the Play button below:

We truly believe that the Jungle Scout software is a revolutionary piece of technology for Amazon sellers and both myself and Matt wish we had a tool like this available when we were selling.

So with that said to find out more about Jungle Scout just click the link here: https://understandinge.com/ajs

We hope you found this webinar useful and as always, to your continued success

Dave, Matt (& of course Greg too)

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