January Review Podcast - With Passion You Cannot Fail

January Review Podcast – With Passion You Cannot Fail

Hey there ,

Here we have for you a special Podcast where we look back at our 1st month of being “live”.

We truly feel that UnderstandingE is more than just the guides and tools, it’s also about the journey that we are taking with you and feel there is huge value in us being as transparent as possible and sharing our journey.

Press Play below and listen in to our journey so far:


In this podcast you will hear from us what it has been like on our side of UnderstandingE, including:

  • The story of Day 1 – New Years Day
  • Important points of note that have occurred in the month of January
  • The story behind our Real Business Future 50 nomination
  • How Gary Vaynerchuk has inspired much of the UnderstandingE ethos with his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  • What we both think we could have done better this month
  • Finally we look at what we have planned for February

The incredible 1st Day

january-1For us the numbers we hit on the 1st day, totally blew us away.

The day before launch we changed our web hosts and are we glad we did or what!  We received 1,736 unique visitors on Day 1.

What is more incredible is we launched on New Years Day, a bank holiday pretty much around the world, when most people would be nursing hangovers and…. we didn’t publish the guides until 4:00 pm.

This response was more than we ever dreamed it would be.

We launched on Day 1 with 35 guides covering getting started with Magento and the basics of M2E Pro.

In January we have added a tasty 29 more!  Which we think is a massive achievement given it had taken us 4 months to get 35 ready.

Key moments in January

We have had an incredibly busy January with some fantastic wins, but our fair share of headaches too.

Firstly we have had some amazing feedback and have been told by several users that there is nothing else out there like what we have created here.

We have also attracted the attention of several multi-million pound businesses who in some cases are paying over £80,000 for their second generation software.

Although we aren’t there yet, being able to cater for these types of businesses is certainly on our agenda.

We have been working on the plan for a special Webinar organised by Feedvisor next week.  Matt will be presenting a piece on “The one simple rule to help you sell more online”  

As always Matt is 100% committed to giving away as much value as possible in the time that he has.

This Webinar is free to join.  It takes place on Thursday the 6th February at 2:00 pm GMT.  You can reserve your place by clicking the button below.

We also had a fantastic podcast with Scott from Powerhouse Fitness.  There was some amazing content in that podcast but one that stuck out for us is that they have 40-50 members of staff using the Magento admin area every day! You can hear more from Scott in the podcast here.

We had our fair share of headaches too, in getting bank accounts sorted for the business which took much longer than anticipated.

We also had one headache which turned into a success where we decided to totally re-structure the courses and in the space of three days had re-built the layout to what you see today.

A site which gives you full trackability of where you are up to in each course.

Real Business and Gary Vaynerchuk

We also reveal the story behind our Real Business “Future 50” nomination and how Matt thought Dave was taking the P*** when he told him we had made the shortlist.

Also hear why Matt has his reservations about going to London, an insight you probably weren’t expecting

We also get on to the topic of our idol Gary Vaynerchuk and how his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” has inspired a lot of the reasoning behind why we do what we do with UnderstandingE.

It is backwards to how most businesses have worked in the past and continue to work, but it is a system that we believe in and we know with our passion, it can’t fail.


For the first time we ask each other, what could we have done better, and give totally honest un-rehearsed answers.

This is us being human, and showing you that we don’t pretend to be perfect but instead are at times our own worst critics.  By keep asking this question it can only make us better at what we do and acheive.

Coming up in February

This is where we get to share with you what we have planned for February.  You will hear how Matt after hearing Dave say one of our targets was do-able, made him change it from doubling our users and page views, to tripling it.

We have so much content planned for February which includes:

  • Record and release more Podcasts
  • Release the Premium Membership
  • Launch the UnderstandingE Store
  • A Webinar on how to start from scratch to processing an eBay order in 40 minutes
  • Release the Order Management guides
  • Release the Outsourcing guides
  • and much much more

January 2014 has been incredible so far and we have achieved a lot. However there is no slowing down for us, as you can see we have plenty to keep us busy in February along with some insane targets to aim for.

Thanks again to you for being a part of the UnderstandingE journey, it truly does mean everything to us.  You never know if February goes well, Matt might not feel too guilty about that London trip!

Speak to you soon

Matt & Dave

PS. Note from Matt, with Passion you can do anything.

6 replies
  1. Dale Holden
    Dale Holden says:

    What a great month you guys have had a deserve full respect from everybody. YOu have set yourself up Matt the more you do the more we expect lol :) pressure pressure Great Job guys

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Dale,

      It has certainly been a good month looking back, some things could have gone better, but all in all I think we can stick it in the ‘Win’ column.

      Matt certainly has set himself up for the expectations of others, but none more so than himself, he is definitely his own harshest critic. But as you can hear in the podcast…this just fires him up even more. Note to anyone reading this…don’t tell him something is do-able, he mis-hears this as easy and then moves the goal posts ;) ha ha

      Thanks for the support Dale and taking the time to comment.

      Onwards and upwards!

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Hi Matt & Dave,

    Thanks for the journey so far! i am looking forward to going the rest of the way, on our travels to UnderstandingE.

    I am already hooked! bring on the Premium Membership.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Jeff

      Thanks for leaving the comment and it’s great to hear you are looking forward to getting on with the guides. We still have so much planned for UnderstandingE, we are going to be busy for a long time yet.

      As for Premium, it is nearly ready, all the business admin is in place, we have a few quirks with the internal website membership to work out, but once they are sorted we are good to go with Premium. Hopefully it will be ready for next week. As with everything so far, we have been more focused on getting free content ready, so we have been blitzing the order management guides too.

      Thanks for all the support Jeff



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