Jane Norman uses M2EPro

Jane Norman uses Magento & M2E Pro for Success on eBay

Did you know that hight-street brand Jane Norman uses Magento & M2E Pro to sell on eBay?

Under the eBay ID JaneNormanClearance which only launched on eBay in May 2013, over the past 90 days has sold over 21,000 items on eBay UK.

Advanced Listing Templates

They’re using Magento Enterprise and M2E Pro to list onto eBay and have over 2,400 items listed right now.

They have transferred their corporate brand from their main website across to their eBay store & listings. If you look closely at any of their listings, you’ll see that they’re taking advantage of the advanced listing templating features that M2E Pro has to offer.

They have a multitude of dynamic data being loaded into the listings, such as title, was price, current price, the product description a product code, the current shipping price and of course images too.

But no image gallery for some reason, maybe they’ve not worked out that it’s as simple as adding this keyword to their listing template #media_gallery[560,,,2,column,0,””]# ?

Software Helps

After launching only 7-8 months ago this goes to show what Magento & M2E Pro can do for a business.

They’ve shifted their glass celling and there is no way (sanely that is) that a business would be able to cope with over 21,000 orders and get to the scale where they have done in such a short space of time without multi-channel software.

About Magento

Magento powers 26% of the top 1 million eCommerce sites in the world.

Now owned by eBay, there are thousands of extensions available and comes in 3 flavours, Magento Go for a simple hosted solution, Magento Community Edition (which is free) for self installation & maximum flexibility and Magento Enterprise aimed at larger, high transaction & volume businesses and comes with a price tag of +£10,000.

About M2E Pro

The M2E Pro extension for Magento has been downloaded over 47,000 times.

M2E Pro is an extension for Magento and is subsidised by eBay. M2E which stands for “Magento to eBay” allows businesses to leverage the power of Magento and the exposure of eBay & the other marketplaces to create one part of a multi-channel software tool compatible with other enterprise grade multi-channel solutions.

About UnderstandingE

The 3rd Generation of multi-channel software.

On January 1st 2014, we’ll show you how you can build your own multi-channel solution based upon Magento & M2E Pro on a shoestring budget. Step-by-step using over 70 full HD video guides in “Plain English”.

A degree in “Nerd” is not required and no experience of Magento is needed either.

Note: The number of items sold was mined from Terapeak.com a historical research tool for eBay & Amazon and was for the period 09/12/2013 to 10/12/2013.

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