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Introduction to Outsourcing Part 2 – With Carlo from 2nd Office

Welcome to part 2 of our Outsourcing series featuring Carlo, the CEO and Co-founder of 2nd Office based in the Philippines.

In part 1 of this series we looked at Outsourcing for the first time and what exactly outsourcing is and what an outsourced member of staff could do for you and your business.

In case you missed it you can listen to the first recording here.

In part 2 we are joined by Tom who is an actual 2nd Office customer who utilises outsourced staff for his business.  We then hear from Carlo about a special 2nd Office exclusive offer for UnderstandingE members.

Press Play below and listen in right now:


The Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Tom (A 2nd Office customer)
  • How did Tom get started using outsourcing
  • What roles / jobs Tom has outsourced in his business
  • What effect outsourcing has had for Tom and his business
  • We then hear from Carlo about the different types of staff we can get from 2nd Office
  • Carlo then shares with us an exclusive offer just for UnderstandingE members

Outsourcing from a sellers perspective

In this podcast as you will hear above we are joined by Tom who runs an ecommerce business based in New York.

He has been a long time user of 2nd Office and seemed like the perfect person to ask about not just 2nd Office but outsourcing in general.

Tom shares with us how outsourcing has changed his business including a truly innovative way in how he has outsourced staff working on his warehouse.

We also find out how much he has managed to reduce the time it takes to process order and how there is now practically someone working on his business 24 hours a day.

2nd Office Special Offer

We then hear more from Carlo where we talk in depth about 2nd Office and what makes the stand out from other outsourcing companies out there.

Carlo takes us through the two different packages offered by 2nd Office, the project hours package or the dedicated staff member package.

For any UnderstandingE members who want to explore the use of outsourced staff for their business, then Carlo has put together an exclusive offer whether it’s project hours or dedicated staff.

For new customers purchasing Project hours Carlo will give you 8 hours for free.

If you want a dedicated staff member then Carlo will give you 50% off the $199 setup fee.

All you need to do is contact Carlo using the link here and let him know you listened to the Podcast here at UnderstandingE.

After listening to this Podcast, if you find yourself with any questions or feedback, then use the comments box below.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Tom and Carlo once again for joining us in this Podcast and a special shout out to Carlo for his exclusive offer for UnderstandingE members.

We hope you enjoy the Podcast!

Matt, Dave (& special guests Tom & Carlo)

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