Introducing the UnderstandingE Accelerator

Howdy ,

I hope you are keeping incredibly busy now as we enter into December and those Christmas sales keep pouring on in.

Whilst you are busy at this time of the year, it allows myself and Matt chance to start preparing some of the awesome things we have planned for 2016.

One of these being the UnderstandingE Accelerator!

What is the UnderstandingE Accelerator?

The UnderstandingE Accelerator is a concept that myself and Matt thought of whilst we were at the entrepreneurs conference in Thailand.

It is something both myself and Matt have seen immense value from ourselves and we are going to bring it to UnderstandingE so it can have an immense value on some of your businesses too.

This is your chance to have myself & Matt working with you exclusively on your business for a 5 to 6 week period.


The concept is for myself and Matt to host a group call every week for a 5/6 week period with 6 business owners who are not competing with each other.

In this small group we will discuss what your biggest challenges are as a business and then collectively over the 6 week programme work on how you can get past these challenges and take your business to the next level.

This is all about fixing the biggest pain points in your business, being held accountable to your peers and also taking huge action.

As part of the programme each business would also get a 1 on 1 (or 1 on 2) business consultation call with myself and Matt where we can discuss whatever it is you want regarding your business.  This alone has a value way over £250.

Who is the UnderstandingE Accelerator for?

The UnderstandingE Accelerator will not be for everyone.

To get the most from the Accelerator you must be able to:

  • Dedicate 1-2 hours of time every week for the group call
  • Be available daily for 15 minute SCRUM meetings
  • Be willing to commit to taking immediate action within your business
  • Have been trading for over 6 months and ideally with at least 1 staff member

We are still to finalise the cost of the mentoring programme, but we will make sure it will represent immense value for money for the right businesses.

When we first mentioned the Accelerator programme in a webinar after arriving back from Thailand we were inundated with emails from members asking to be included.

For the accelerator to work we have to keep the numbers per group low, but do anticipate holding a few of these throughout the year.

We already know there is a huge demand for this, but to keep the quality as high as possible we have to keep the group numbers low.

Rather than rush the first accelerator group we decided it would make much more sense to launch the first group in January.

This gives us time to finalise how the UnderstandingE Accelerator looks and what we want the experience to be for you.

Have Your Say

In order to help us make the Accelerator as valuable as possible for our members we have put together a quick form for you.

It has just 6 questions which would help us finalise some of the key features of the programme as well as highlight what some of your priorities are for 2016.

You can access the questionnaire by using the link below:

We would really appreciate your feedback and with your help we know we can create something incredible for the UnderstandingE members in to 2016 and help take businesses to the next level.

We will of course keep you up to date with the latest news as we finalise the UnderstandingE Accelerator programme.

Any comments you have, you can also leave for us in the comments section below.

As always, to your continued success,

Dave & Matt

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  1. Fiso Marihoho
    Fiso Marihoho says:

    Been waiting for the announcement forever. I’m off to Africa for 3 weeks a week today and hope I do not miss the announcement.

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Hey Fiso,

      Apologies for making you wait :D

      The main announcement I imagine will be after the initial rush back in the New Year and the first Accelerator group I imagine will kick off towards the end of January.

      So you should be back in time :)


    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Not yet Shai,

      We still have a few things to iron out but as soon as we have more to share we will do.

      To control demand I’m thinking we will open up maybe a 12/24 hour window in which to submit your interest from which the six will be selected.

      But like I we will let you know when this will be and the Accelerator won’t begin until mid to late January.


    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Karl, it seems like there is quite a large demand for this which is exciting as myself and Matt know we can make a huge difference with this :)

  2. Ozonee
    Ozonee says:

    Hi, do You provide personal support for M2E users? We are alone with incomplete integration and really struggling to bring new functionalities to M2E. Please let us know, it is any chance to collaborate or buy new enhanced M2E module(or other good multichannel solution). Unfortunately we cannot spend a lot of budget, but there is always chance to find the best solution. Kind Regards administrator

    • Dave Furness
      Dave Furness says:

      Unfortunately this is not something we can do as it isn’t scalable. Which is why we have compiled all of the video tutorials to show you exactly how to set up M2E Pro for marketplace selling.

      The Accelerator will not be dedicated M2E consultancy but instead business mentoring.

      Hope that helps



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