Introducing Jim from Moogento – Selling Online to Extension Design

In this podcast we speak to Jim from Moogento, who you may have heard mentioned a few times in UnderstandingE podcasts or heard from the man himself in the Forums.  Jim runs a fashion business out in Asia and uses Magento in order to do this.

Hear from Jim about Moogento in his own words and what he thought when two chaps called Matt & Dave introduced the UnderstandingE concept to him and how together we aim to make eCommerce better.

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Whilst selling Jim noticed a few limitations with Magento and like a true entrepreneur he decided he would build a solution.  So that’s exactly what he did and how he ended up with today having Moogento and some incredibly useful Magento extensions available for sale.

Hear how Jim came across a limitation within Magento and using his coding knowledge and the open source nature of the software to create a solution to his own problem.  He bundled this into an extension and offered it for sale on Magento Connect.  After he made his first sale he realised a new business was born


  • Runs an eCommerce fashion business using Magento
  • Noticed a few features missing in Magento so wrote some code to add his desired functionality
  • Offered his extensions for sale, and after making his first sale, realised the potential
  • What he thought of  UnderstandingE
  • Our suggestions for Jim’s existing extensions and what he has added to the features of both ShipEasy and PickPack
  • Jim uses the marketplaces himself so knows exactly what sellers go through and knows what challenges they face.
  • Jim’s tip for starting your online business
  • The special partnership deal between Moogento and UnderstandingE to offer UnderstandingE customers 20% off the Moogento extensions
  • *Bonus* Listen right to the very end for an insight into some of the recording which was edited out.

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Entrepreneur Tip

Jim is a perfect example of an Entrepreneur and he is also a great guy as you will hear in the podcast.  He was running his own clothing business, saw an opportunity and started Moogento with his extensions available for sale.

As always we asked Jim what his  tip would be for someone wanting to start a business online.  His answer was brilliant and covered two main areas.

  1. Just give it a go.  Starting an online business has never been cheaper to do, especially out in the far east where living costs are much lower than that in Europe or North America.  Jim comments how there are an incredible number of online businesses starting out in that part of the world.
  2. Set up a simple website with the products you want to sell and use Adwords on the products to gauge the level of interest and decide whether that would be a profitable product range.  Matt also mention how eBay is also a fantastic tool to judge public interest in your potential product lines.

Your Feedback?

Many thanks to Jim for taking the time to tell us about his businesses and I’m sure Jim will be joining us again soon for another Podcast.  If you have any questions for Jim you can either contact him through the Moogento website or he is active in the UnderstandingE forums too.

After listening to Jim’s story, do you have any questions or feedback? If so, use the button below to join us right now & the forums are always open.

We’ll see you there!

Matt & Dave

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