eBay Cassini Search Engine

How the New eBay Search Engine Cassini Works with eBay VP Hugh Williams

This is not a short video by any means at over an hour long, however you will gain a deep insight into search at eBay works. Which is important for any serious eBay seller to understand how the results are returned to your buyers on eBay and the cassini search engine.

The part of the presentation I personally found the most useful is the questions & answers section that starts at about 49 minutes. While Hugh dodges specific questions, the answers are quite intriguing.

It’s presented by Hugh Williams who previously managed a large R&D team at Microsoft’s Bing and is now eBay VP of Experience, Search & Platforms and some of the numbers included are just crazy.

In this video you’ll learn the following:

  • $75.3 billion products sold on eBay in 2012
  • The basics of how a search engine works
  • Why search keywords are important & the same for pictures
  • Why the new eBay search engine is called Cassini
  • How the eBay description is used

eBay Best Match 101

We also covered eBay Best match in one of our coffee mornings and if you’d like to know more about eBay Best Match, the factors that influence your rankings, we’ve included the video from the coffee morning below for you.

The full article that accompanies this video can be found here: https://understandinge.com/ebay-best-match-101-coffee-morning/

If you have any questions, just use the comments box below,

Matt & Dave

2 replies
  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    The new search engine is a failure. Which is why Hugh Williams was actually fired from ebay right after this launch. The project started by Williams was late by about 3 years and actually caused no improvement in search. Moreover new system received a big backlash from users.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Hi Matt,

      Actually as they’re 3 years late, I’m glad of this, as if it was earlier it obviously would have been too soon.

      Been reading about the departure here & here. Will be interesting to see what happens on the EU sites in 2014.



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