Turning eBay from a Hobby into a Successful Online Business

Turning eBay from a Hobby into a Successful Online Business

In this podcast we speak to Ian from Spirit Footwear. Who along with his wife, turned selling a few items around the house into a successful Multi-Channel business.

Whilst bored at home during maternity leave, Charlotte decided to sell no longer wanted items from around the house, and then spotted the opportunity to turn this into a business and began sourcing products with the purpose to sell them on eBay.

Hear how Ian and Charlotte both decided, that once Charlotte had returned to a full time job after maternity leave, that they should give it a go in running their own business.  They drew up a business plan and went for it.  Starting from their garage, and investing profits back into the business they have since moved premises twice to expand their capacity.

Crucially find out why Ian is expecting a 50% increase in sales this year, and what he has done to warrant that prediction.

Press Play below and listen in to Ian’s story:



  • Selling on eBay whilst on maternity leave as a hobby.
  • Realising the potential and deciding to give it a go full time.
  • Starting from the garage and using profits to invest back into the business.
  • Growing so quickly having to move premises twice just to have the needed capacity
  • Investing in eBay designs to appear more professional
  • Sells on eBay
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Sells on two Magento websites

What Magento and eBay mean to his business

Ian has been using Magento for a while now to manage his website and states clearly in the podcast that?:

“Magento is probably the best platform I have ever worked on, in the history of our business…I wish I knew about Magento 5 years ago”

Ian like many others didn’t like eBay in the early days due to the bad press it had received.  However over the past few years Ian has totally changed his views.  He now see’s eBay as a great community and a great marketplace and openly stating

“Without eBay we would not have been able to grow as fast as we have done”

Spirit footwear have noticed how dynamic and fast moving the eBay marketplace is.  They actively use the eBay marketplace to test products, and if they sell quickly they know they are on to a great product and will actively source more.

Sites/Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Your Feedback?

Ian and his wife Charlotte are yet more examples of entrepreneurs.  Turning a hobby of selling on eBay in to a large scale online multi channel seller.

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