Happy Hour with UnderstandingE – Open Mic – 15th July

Hey ,

In this Happy Hour we do something a bit different.  In the feedback from the previous Happy Hour it was mentioned that the members may like to talk to one another, especially in the forums.

Whilst we figured out the best way for us to achieve this we thought it would be a nice compromise to open up everybody who has a microphone on this weeks Happy Hour, and let you guys talk for once instead of it just being me and Matt.

House Rule

As always we kick off with our House Rule which is:

“There is no such thing as a daft question, if you don’t know the answer.”

Now this isn’t just applicable to the meetup’s themselves but with everything at UnderstandingE.

That’s why we have the forums and also all of the comment boxes underneath the pages, so if you’re unsure of anything then please just ask away.

Open Mic

Now unlike the other Open Mic we have done we extended an open invitation for anyone with a Microphone to join us so we un-mute them and so that we can all put some voices to names.

As this was the first one and some attendees didn’t have time to get equipment together we were joined by just a handful of attendees live on chat, where it was really cool to hear their insights.

As always the chat box was as busy as ever with those members without Microphones.

So listen in to the recording here, and we will be sure to do another Happy Hour like this in the future.

As always you are always welcome to join us next week.  Every Tuesday at 20:30 BST (Current UK Time)

If you would like to reserve your place to join us for the Happy Hour on Tuesday then just click the button below!

With that said, dig in to the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Dave & Matt

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  1. Brian Barlow
    Brian Barlow says:

    Just curious why you don’t post these as a podcast rather than a video? Since the video content is limited on these, it would be nice to “listen on the go.” Just a suggestion.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Morning Brian,

      Do you know what? I had never even considered that and you’re 100% right!

      These could be listened to on the go and would suit a download as part them.

      Brilliant idea, I’ve added this to the whiteboard and will get the previous ones available as a download too.



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