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Great Email Marketing with John Hayes

In this podcast we are joined by our good friend and email marketing expert John W. Hayes.

John is a marketing strategist at iContact (Email Marketing by Vocus), and you may have heard of him from the two books he has published Becoming The Expert and a Crash Course in e-mail Marketing or from the Podcasts myself and Matt did over on LastDropofInk here.  In short anything that John doesn’t know about e-mail marketing isn’t worth knowing.

In this podcast John shares with us his insights into the world of e-mail marketing and covers some of the most common questions and misconceptions that are associated with email marketing.

Press Play below and listen in right now:

Email Marketing & MobileThe Topics Covered

  • Hear how John got started in email marketing and how he now a marketing strategist for Vocus
  • John answers the common question which is has Social media has killed email marketing?
  • Shares his advice on where you need to be with your marketing
  • What makes a good email
  • Is it Quality or Quantity when it comes to emails?

John shares with us how he got started with email marketing and tells us interestingly how spam pre-dates the Internet!

This Podcast is a must for anyone looking to kick start their marketing push and John shares some fantastic tips and insights which are invaluable to any business either looking to start email marketing or to make their campaigns better.

We cover in the Podcast that email marketing is one of the spokes to your online business. Rather than it being a customer acquisition channel, email marketing is a customer retention channel.

Let’s think about that for a few minutes…

If you’re subscribed to UnderstandingE, then you most likely found out about this Podcast via the email myself or Dave sent to you today.

You had already registered with our site and this is one of the methods we use to get back in touch with you to carry on where we left off. To “continue the conversation”.

And that’s what email marketing is, it’s a conversation and yes some emails will be salesly. The fact is that you’re running a product based business and ideally would like to sell more product, but it doesn’t need to be that way all the time.

This is where having multiple spokes in your marketing wheel can help. One spoke say the blog can support an email, an email can support the blog and so on, they’re all intertwined together. eBay, Amazon, website, email marketing, they’re all part of the “be everywhere” strategy.

John makes the clear point in the Podcast:

An email should be relevant, timely, and engaging. That means it needs to be short, sweet and to the point.

By now you would have most likely heard from myself Matt and Dave numerous times via email (if you you can join here, we don’t bite).

If you’ve joined us and received an email this afternoon, think about the email you received. We didn’t use any fancy email template, it was short, no more than a couple of paragraphs, it was to the point and when you clicked through you knew exactly what you were getting.

How can you use this approach in your business?

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Your Feedback?

Many thanks to John for taking the time to tell share with us his experiences and tips for running successful email campaigns within your business.

We recommend picking up Johns book on email marketing as it is packed with useful advice you won’t get anywhere else (Matt read his while at swimming lessons with his daughter and before you ask, there was an instructor lol).  If you have any questions for John you can contact him through his LinkedIn or Twitter accounts above.

After listening to John in this Podcast,  you find yourself with any questions or feedback? Then use the comments box below & the forums are always open, any questions for John, we’ll forward them on to him.

We’ll see you there!

Matt & Dave

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