The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Part 1 – The UnderstandingE Going East Podcast Series

Hey ,

In case you missed it, both myself and Matt are heading to the Philippines to meet our existing team and also recruit a few more while we’re there, oh and also potentially set up a brand new business too. Then head over to Thailand for an Entrepreneurs conference in Bangkok.

During the trip myself and Matt will be doing our best to share the journey with you.  To kick things off we recorded a pre-trip Podcast which you can hear below.

This is your chance to follow our progress as we dart to the other side of the world, to finally get to meet our team face to face after two years and see what you could be doing with your business two or more steps infront of where you are right now.

Podcast Summary

  • What things we have had to put in place before leaving for halfway around the world?
  • What are we aiming to achieve whilst we are out there?
  • What are we actually taking with us?
  • An interesting question regarding remote vs physical job interviews

Sharing the journey

As with everything that we have done with UnderstandingE and continue to do we want to share the journey with you.

2 years ago when we started building UnderstandingE we would never have guessed we would be in the situation we are today with the opportunities we have in front of us, and we hope by sharing what we do we can help you with your business too.

Which leads us on to your suggestions!


Me and Matt are happy to be your eyes and ears whilst we are over in the Philippines and Thailand.

We will be doing our best to hold the mastermind webinars as usual as well as do another couple of podcasts whilst we are out there.

Also whilst at the conference in Thailand we are hoping to get some fellow entrepreneurs on some podcasts too or at least some interviews and stories to share.

I also thought you may want to see what goes on at 2nd Office.

I know many of you have met Carlo on Podcasts before and quite a few use 2nd Office and after a suggestion on Tuesdays webinar, we will do our best to share some more of an insight as to what goes on actually inside 2nd Office and speak to a few of the staff there.

Now that’s what we have so far and if anything else springs to mind whilst we are out there then i’m sure we will do that too, but if you have any suggestions or questions that you want us to answer then please let me know.

Whether this is how we go about a recruiting process actually on the ground in a different country or anything at all (not including anything regarding bars or ladies of a certain lifestyle choice).

If you have any suggestions at all then please leave a comment underneath this post and we will do our best to make it happen.

With that said we look forward to speaking to you soon!

Dave & Matt


3 replies
  1. Rik Powell
    Rik Powell says:

    Nice one, long may the journey continue!

    I reckon it will be a great motivator for you and maybe a little break from the reality of your insanely busy lives – well deserved.

    Remember to bring back a memento.

    • Matthew Ogborne
      Matthew Ogborne says:

      Howdy Rik,

      Thank you!

      It’s been fantastic here and as much as I had envisaged being in the pool most days, I’ve been in there once and have been up super early each morning to get things done. If anything this trip has shown me what is possible to achieve.

      As I write this I’m in the “living room” part of the hotel, a special room from the rest of the guests and the only reason I was’t in here at 5am, they don’t open this part till 7am :)



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