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Hands up, this may not make any sense to you right now, but come January 1st 2014 when you’re seeing Magmi for the first time, I think you’ll want to give us a high-five!

Magmi, it’s the best import tool for Magento on the planet in my opinion, it’s free, open source and comes with multiple plugins to make importing products into Magento a lot easier (and lightening quick too), but this comes with a price.

The interface to Magmi is less than intuitive and while extremely powerful, actually finding your way around is hard, especially for new users and the setup process is far from ideal.

You have to FTP in and go to app/etc/local.xml, open the file, copy/paste the details half way down the page, you have just one profile, the really cool plugins you need are not included, they’re optional & there are no example files to work from, so basically we know it’s the nuts, but actually getting getting to that stage will take too long.

And we can’t have that can we :)

So…. I’ve written an installer for Magmi

Literally copy/paste the files and you’ll have a simple installer to use, plus the help links back to dedicated pages on this site just for Magmi, hey we’re even including a video so that you know what you need to do.

A screenshot of one of the stages is below and a hat-tip to Abbas from dZine-Hub for helping us with the amazing visual designs (which I ruined when I added all those notes to it):


But why stop there?

The other challenge is that Magmi out of the box is unsecured, anyone with the link (which can be pretty easy to guess) could possibly delete your entire inventory if you don’t secure it down. And we can’t have that can we :)

So while writing the installer for Magmi, I also added in a simple login system, so that now you have at least one layer of protection to the coolest tool there is for Magento.

7.magmi5 - Login screen

Your Feedback

Is there something you find hard to do or understand when it comes to Magento?

We need to hear from you! If you’re thinking it, we believe there are 1,000 other people thinking it too and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you and in this case, if we feel it’s of ultra-massive importance, we’ll code our way out of it if needs be.

You can let me & Dave know in the comments box below.



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