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Who wouldn’t buy British goods?

Here and abroad, all products marked ‘Made in the UK’ are in demand, but there’s a need to label them properly so that shoppers can easily find them.  

Members of Parliament are currently in talks about getting online grocery retailers to add a ‘Buy British’ button to their websites so that shoppers can filter out imported products.

Adding that extra button to their sites will help online shoppers who, at present, cannot tell whether they’re buying homegrown produce or not.

“Would there be a way that we could consider having a button to press when you do your online shop so that you can just choose from British produce? Surely that’s really going to help us as we leave the EU,” said Conservative MP Rebecca Pow during a Westminster Hall debate.

Part of the government’s post-Brexit plans is to get people to buy domestic goods in order to support the country’s agriculture industry.

By the looks of it, there won’t be any problems with that; a survey by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) showed that 86% of shoppers want to buy more British food.   


Drive more traffic to your store

Although the main idea behind adding ‘Buy British’ buttons to online grocery stores is to boost the farming sector and prevent vegetable shortage in the UK, it’s likely to propel into a large-scale eCommerce tool.   

Once online supermarkets have launched the ‘Buy British’ button, other eCommerce sites are expected to follow suit as this is an effective way to promote British brands that are very popular not only to local shoppers, but also to foreign shoppers.

Having a properly labelled button on your website, which leads to everything British, saves your customers the trouble of looking through every category on your site.

When that day comes, make sure that you put the ‘Buy British’ button where it can be seen at a glance.

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